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Cutting-Edge Products From AutoTest:

As a trusted name in the industry, AutoTest stands out for its commitment to quality, innovation, and compliance with roadworthy standards.

AutoTest takes pride in being Australian made and owned, setting the standard as the only quality-accredited roadworthy equipment manufacturer in Australia. With a focus on delivering excellence, AutoTest has an impressive range of products including brake fluid testers, brake testers, automotive battery testers, headlight aligners, tint meters and much more. Let’s explore some of the most popular products from AutoTest:

  • AutoTest Workshop Pro 10 Brake Tester Decelerometer: this tool is a cutting-edge solution designed for precision brake testing and comprehensive maintenance logging. With its 10" premium tablet and sophisticated decelerometer, this tool offers unparalleled versatility, allowing you to test service and emergency brakes across a wide range of vehicles, from passenger cars to trains and airport vehicles. Compliant with stringent roadworthy regulations, this device ensures accuracy and reliability in every test. Its intelligent programming and continuous updates guarantee optimal performance, while features like GPS recording, WiFi, and Bluetooth connectivity enhance functionality and ease of use.
  • AutoTest Headlight Aligner | Headlight Aimer: this tool is the most comprehensive solution for precise headlamp alignment, suitable for all types of headlamps, including XENON and LED lamps. Featuring a robust anti-tip base with large castors for easy maneuvering, a laser pointer for precise positioning, and a digital lux meter with a wide measuring window, this aligner ensures accurate and parallel alignment. Compliant with ADR 46 and ECE R48 regulations, it meets stringent standards for headlamp alignment. With its easy-to-use height adjustment lock mechanism and manual optic alignment visor, this aligner offers unparalleled convenience and accuracy.
  • AutoLight Hands-Free Magnetic Window Tint Meter: this portable tool is designed for law enforcement officers and vehicle inspectors to ensure compliance with window tinting regulations. With its magnetic feature for hands-free operation and single-button functionality, it's user-friendly and efficient. By accurately measuring light transmission through tinted windows, it helps maintain driver visibility and safety on the road. Compliant with roadworthy regulations and ISO standards, this compact and lightweight meter provides precise readings, allowing inspectors to verify compliance with ease.
  • AutoTest Brake Fluid Tester: this tool offers a crucial solution for maintaining brake system integrity by accurately measuring moisture content in vehicle brake fluid. Its ergonomic design and user-friendly interface ensure efficient operation, providing results in less than one minute. Compatible with various brake fluids, this tester operates off a 12-volt supply from the vehicle's battery, offering convenience and flexibility. By identifying moisture levels, it helps prevent vapor lock and corrosion of engine parts, ensuring optimal brake performance and safety.

AutoTest All-In-One Roadworthy kits:

For those looking for a comprehensive solution, don't miss our AutoTest Ultimate Roadworthy Kits. Each kit is tailored to equip your workshop with the essentials needed for efficient and accurate inspections. Whether you're a professional mechanic or a DIY enthusiast, these kits provide all the tools you need to conduct thorough inspections and ensure vehicle safety and compliance.

Do you have inquiries about our brake fluid tester, headlight aligner, or any other product we offer? Reach out to one of our knowledgeable experts at 07 3180 6771. They are eager to assist you!

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