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EVC Throttle Controllers | Ultimate9 iDrive

Enhance Your Driving Experience with EVC Throttle Controllers

Upgrade your vehicle's performance and responsiveness with EVC Throttle Controllers, brought to you by iDrive, a trusted name in the industry. Say goodbye to sluggish throttle response and hello to enhanced acceleration and control on the road.

With over 79 different models available for various vehicles, finding the perfect fit for your car is a breeze. However, if you can't find your specific vehicle listed, don't worry! Simply message us, and we can order one in for you.

Experience the ultimate customization with our range of face plates, available in vibrant colours including red, orange, purple, pink, grey, and green. Personalise your EVC Throttle Controller and add some flair to your driving experience.

How EVC Throttle Controllers Work:

Unlike traditional accelerator cables, modern vehicles utilise 'fly by wire' throttle technology, which can often result in noticeable delays in throttle response. iDrive's Throttle Controllers allow you to fine-tune the signal from the accelerator pedal, offering multiple inbuilt settings to suit your driving style perfectly. Whether you're towing, driving off-road, or navigating challenging terrain, iDrive ensures optimal throttle control and responsiveness.

Key Features:

  • Easy plug and play fitment for hassle-free installation.
  • 18 levels of adjustment to customise your driving experience.
  • Auto Control feature for effortless set and forget use.
  • Ideal for towing, improving throttle control off-road, and enhancing overall drivability.
  • By sharpening your vehicle's throttle response and introducing a more aggressive throttle curve, EVC Throttle Controllers eliminate throttle lag, improve acceleration, and enhance vehicle control. Additionally, with more controlled power application, you gain better traction, especially in low-speed situations or slippery terrain.

Industry-Leading Warranty:

Every EVC Throttle Controller comes with an industry-leading lifetime warranty, providing you with peace of mind and assurance of quality craftsmanship.

Transform your driving experience today with EVC Throttle Controllers. Upgrade your vehicle's performance and responsiveness with the touch of a button. Experience the difference on the road and unleash the full potential of your vehicle.