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Other Diagnostic Tools + Accessories

Looking for reliable tools to diagnose your vehicle's health? Explore our range of other diagnostic tools + accessories here including 12V battery testers, leak down testers, hand tools, testing equipment, scan tool accessories and more.

12V Battery Testers For Every Application:

We offer a diverse selection of premium 12V battery testers sourced from trusted brands such as Topdon, AUTOOL, Launch, Ancel, Autel, and Quicklynks. Tailored to suit various needs and preferences, our extensive lineup caters to every application, ensuring there's a perfect solution for every requirement and budget.

Among our best-selling models are the:

  1. Topdon BT200 12V/24V Battery Tester:

Tailored for Beginners: If you're new to battery testing and crave a simple, hassle-free experience, the Topdon BT200 is tailor-made for you. Its intuitive plug-and-play operation and precise test results make it an ideal choice for individuals seeking an uncomplicated way to assess their battery's health. Versatile enough to accommodate various 12V and 24V battery types, it's perfect for a wide array of applications, including cars, trucks, and marine vessels.

  1. Topdon BT300P Battery Tester 12/24V with Printer:

Crafted for Professionals and Enthusiasts: Engineered for those who demand advanced battery analysis paired with the convenience of built-in printing, the Topdon BT300P is a standout choice for professional mechanics and dedicated DIY enthusiasts alike. With its capability to test a diverse range of 12V and 24V batteries and compatibility with various battery types, it offers comprehensive insights into battery health, cranking systems, and charging systems. The integrated printer ensures immediate access to printed records of your tests.

  1. Topdon BT600 Battery Tester with Printer 12/24V:

Designed for Professionals Seeking Ultimate Performance and Real-Time Reporting: If you're in pursuit of top-tier battery testing performance with real-time printing capabilities, the Topdon BT600 is your ultimate solution. Tailored for professionals who demand peak performance and require instant test reports, it boasts a spacious color screen and advanced technology. Supporting charging tests and cranking tests for 12V & 24V Lead-Acid batteries, along with battery tests on 12V batteries, the BT600 delivers rapid, accurate analysis of your battery's condition. It's the perfect choice for those who prioritize immediate, on-the-spot test reporting.

The Best Leak Down Tester For Petrol Engines:

For pinpointing engine issues, our PDE Cylinder Leak Down Tester / Compression Leak Detector for petrol engines is your go-to solution. Engineered to simplify leak down tests, this tester accurately identifies worn piston rings, valves, cylinder wall cracks, and blown head gaskets. Featuring dual gauges that display cylinder leakage percentage and pressure, it's equipped with a durable rubber boot for added protection against impact breakage. Ideal for modern cars with minimal clearance, this leak down tester ensures precise results with its 2-1/2" input pressure gauge.

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