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Diagnostic Scan Tools

Every Scan Tool You’ll Ever Need From One Supplier

Discover the exciting world of industry-leading auto diagnostic scan tools with Premium Diagnostic Equipment. We are proud to bring the most reputable brands within reach for Australian auto specialists. Characterised by advanced features and precision, these tools set the standard in the automotive industry, providing you with the necessary capabilities to seamlessly diagnose vehicle issues.

Features to Expect in Our Scan Tool Portfolio:

Advanced Diagnostic Capabilities

With every scan tool you buy from Premium Diagnostic Equipment, you will receive advanced diagnostic features that go beyond basic code reading. They can perform comprehensive scans of various vehicle systems, providing detailed information about engine performance, transmission, ABS, airbags, and more. These tools offer connectivity, real-time data streaming and advanced diagnostics to help technicians pinpoint problems accurately.

Wide Vehicle Coverage

The world’s best scan tools can provide extensive vehicle coverage, supporting a wide range of makes and models including domestic and European models. This broad coverage allows your automotive business to service a variety of vehicles, making your service offerings more versatile and efficient.

User-friendly Devices with Support

Each scan tool that we offer prioritises user experience, offering intuitive interfaces and user-friendly design. They feature clear menus, easy-to-read displays, and logical navigation, enabling technicians to quickly access the desired functions and information. To remain at the forefront of the industry, leading scan tool manufacturers provide regular software updates to ensure compatibility with new vehicle models, diagnostic protocols, and emerging technologies. Enjoy technical support, including customer assistance, training materials, and online resources.

Reliable Equipment Made to Last

Our scan tools are all made with high-quality materials, ensuring durability even in harsh automotive environments. These tools undergo stringent testing and quality control to empower technicians to diagnose complex vehicle issues accurately, streamline their workflow, and provide exceptional service to customers. Investing in industry-leading scan tools ensures that you have the necessary tools to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving industry.

Some of the Scan Tools You’ll Find on this Site

  • OBD2 scanner
  • Autel scan tools
  • Topdon scan tools
  • Launch professional scan tools
  • Nexas Truck scan tools
  • GM Tech2 scan tool
  • BlueDriver bluetooth scan tools

Find the Ultimate Scan Tool for Your Workshop

Shop our huge range of industry-standard scan tools from OBD2 scanners to Autel, Launch, X-Tool, iCarsoft, Topdon, FCAR and more.

Shop in confidence with our fantastic after-sales support, 30-day returns policy and one-year warranty supplied on all tools.

If you need some help or advice please reach out to us on 07 3180 6771.
Alternatively, send us an email at sales@premiumdiagnostics.com.au.