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Premium Diagnostics was born from our deep-rooted passion for cars and immersion in extreme Motorsports. We're a close-knit team of trained automotive technicians. Our goal? To provide top-notch car diagnostic tools and workshop gear at unbeatable prices, backed by solid aftersales support.

Our journey started with a shared frustration: the lack of clarity on which diagnostic tool to use for different tasks and vehicles. In Australia, where Holden's and Fords dominate the roads, this was a common challenge. Online resources were confusing and misleading, leaving us and many others in the dark. So, we set out to simplify things for fellow home mechanics.

We questioned the traditional model of forking out hefty sums—often over $100—for a simple fault code read and clear. We believed there had to be a better way. That's why we're here—to empower you to tackle diagnostic tasks yourself, at your own pace, and at a fraction of the cost.

Whether you're a DIYer seeking tools for personal use or a professional workshop in need of reliable diagnostic solutions, we've got your back.

We've seen the risks posed by cheap, non-genuine diagnostic tools flooding online marketplaces. That's why every product on our site undergoes rigorous testing to ensure quality and reliability.

And when it comes to support, we've got you covered. Our in-house support team offers technical remote assistance for our professional scan tools. We noticed a gap in knowledge surrounding these products, so we're here to bridge that gap and provide the help you need.

In essence, we're enthusiasts at heart, passionate about Motorsports and committed to infusing joy into everything we do. But make no mistake, when it comes to providing you with the best diagnostic solutions and support, we're all business.

And let's not forget the recognition we've earned along the way. We're proud recipients of the 2023 and 2024 Most Trusted Diagnostic Tool Retailer awards, among others, highlighting our commitment to excellence in the Automotive industry.



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