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Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems

Keep an eye on your tyre pressures and prolong the life of your tyres with a tyre pressure monitoring system.

Accurately viewing a vehicle's tyre pressure in an instant minimises the risk of tyre failure leading to disaster, while at the same time, positively affecting the handling of the vehicle. Ensuring the tyre’s are optimally inflated will also positively affect the fuel economy of a vehicle and extend the life and wear of your tyres.

How does a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System work?

When it comes to vehicle or caravan/trailer maintenance, tyres are often neglected and overlooked. Tyres however, are extremely important to ensure the safety of you and your passengers while travelling.

Either install internally or externally on your car, 4×4, caravan or trailer tyres. The monitor has a colour LCD screen, which displays your tyre pressure and includes a visual/audio alarm to alert you of the following:  

  • Air Leakage Warning
  • Abnormal Pressure Warning
  • Low/High Tyre Temperature Warning

Our Most Popular Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems:

  1. Solar Powered TPMS for Cars and 4WDs

With easy installation and external wheel sensors, this tyre pressure monitoring system ensures hassle-free monitoring of tyre pressure, temperature, and leaks. The solar-powered display unit eliminates the need for external cables and charges itself for continuous operation. Waterproof and durable, the four sensors withstand harsh Australian conditions, alerting you promptly to any issues with audible alarms. Improve fuel efficiency and tyre longevity effortlessly.

  1. Solar Powered TPMS for Trucks and Motorhomes

Experience reliable tyre monitoring with the Solar Powered TPMS designed for trucks and motorhomes. Featuring six external sensors and a solar-powered display unit, it offers quick installation and dependable performance. The waterproof sensors ensure durability in rugged conditions, alerting you instantly to pressure, temperature, or leakage issues. With easy installation and a range of up to 10 meters, this system offers unparalleled convenience and safety.

  1. AUTOOL X91 GPS TPMS Heads Up Display:

Combining GPS heads-up display, on-board inclinometer, and TPMS tyre pressure monitoring system, this device provides comprehensive insights into your vehicle's performance. With real-time tyre pressure and temperature display, as well as alarms for various conditions, stay informed and prepared for any driving situation. Easy to install and featuring a high-definition LCD screen, the X91 ensures maximum visibility and safety on the road.