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What Should You Look For When Buying A Jump Starter?

There’s more choice than ever when it comes to jump starters. So, what are the different types and what should you look for as a buyer?

Modern units have inbuilt flashlights, 12V outlets and USB ports so you can charge up your phone.

Lithium-ion jump starters have become popular due to their small size and low weight. If you have a hatchback or sedan and want something compact for easy storage in the car, a lithium-ion unit is your best bet. Perfect for starting smaller engines.

Batteryless or capacitor starters use leftover charge in a battery or other source to power their starter units. With this type, there’s no battery to keep charged but you will need a small amount of juice from your car battery or another power source to quickly charge the capacitor up before jump starting.

Heavy duty starter units have powerful batteries capable of producing the necessary cranking amps to start heavy vehicles and equipment like trucks, buses, boats, planes and even a military tank.

Cranking amps (also known as starting current) are the ability of a battery to start a car and this number should be the one you look for when making your choice. The higher this number, the more starting power.

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