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Tool Guide

Most small cars have petrol engines, while larger vehicles often come with diesel engines. Diesel engines have long held a bad reputation for noise and pollution, but they have come a long way in recent years. Diesels are usually the best option financially if you tend to make a lot of long journeys, diesels are not as economic if you mainly use a car to drive around town or do short trips.
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Using an automotive diagnostic scan tool or code reader gives you an easy way to diagnose and fix problems with your vehicle. Read out step-by-step guide on how to use one, when you should use one and a video demonstration

If you are weiging up your options with the Autel MaxiSys range and want to easily compare the hardware & software functions Premium Diagnostics have produced this chart for you.

If you want to check what functions are available for a certain makle and model please follow this link here and select your model of vehicle and tool

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If you are new to this and would like a better understanding on how an OBD (on board diagnostics) scan tool actually works please take a read!
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If you are wanting to know the difference between the Autel IM608 and IM608 Pro Premium Diagnostics have produced this chart for you to easy compare the features. The IM608 Pro package includes the IMKPA, GBox Adapter and Smart Key Simulator for free for the month of July only!
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A question very commonly asked - Which brand is better?

Launch or Autel?  Both are very powerful and advanced diagnostic scan tools. Read more to decide which brand might be better for you

What you need to know about OBD scan tools in Australia and if your vehicle is compatible
A DPF - Diesel particulate filter is a filter that works in the exhaust system of later model diesel vehicles by capturing and storing soot in order to reduce emissions. When the DPF becomes blocked to a point where it can no longer regenerate on its own it will usually go into limp mode and throw a check engine light. There is a way you can do a forced regeneration yourself with a scan tool!