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Ultimate9 | EVC Throttle Controllers

Discover Ultimate9: Your Source for Advanced Vehicle Accessories

Welcome to the world of Ultimate9, where innovation meets reliability to enhance your driving experience. Our range of cutting-edge products includes EVC Throttle Controllers, Bluetooth Battery Monitors, and GPS Trackers, each designed to elevate your vehicle's performance and safety. Let's delve into each category and explore our popular offerings:

EVC Throttle Controllers: Enhance Your Driving Dynamics

Experience precision control and improved throttle response with our iDrive EVC Throttle Controller. Designed to eliminate throttle lag and optimise acceleration, this plug-and-play device offers 18 levels of adjustment to suit your driving style. Ideal for towing and off-roading, the iDrive EVC Throttle Controller ensures smoother operation and enhanced vehicle drivability. With over 79 different models available for various vehicles, its easy installation and lifetime warranty, it's the ultimate upgrade for every vehicle enthusiast.

Bluetooth Battery Monitors: Stay Informed, Stay Charged

Monitor the health of your vehicle's battery with the Ultimate9 Lithium Bluetooth Battery Monitor. Compatible with LITHIUM-type batteries, this monitor offers real-time voltage testing, cranking tests, and charging status monitoring via our intuitive BM app. Whether you're storing your vehicle or embarking on an off-road adventure, the Ultimate9 Bluetooth Battery Monitor provides peace of mind and ensures your battery is always ready for action.

GPS Trackers: Track, Monitor, Protect

Keep tabs on your vehicle's whereabouts with the Ultimate9 LiveTrack Stealth GPS Tracker. Compact yet powerful, this 4G tracker offers real-time location tracking via our user-friendly iCar App. Whether you're safeguarding against theft or monitoring your fleet, the LiveTrack Stealth GPS Tracker delivers unparalleled peace of mind. With easy installation, no ongoing fees, and a 12-month warranty, it's the ultimate solution for vehicle security and tracking.

Experience the Future of Automotive Technology with Ultimate9

Ultimate9 is committed to delivering innovative solutions that enhance your driving experience. With their range of advanced accessories, you can enjoy greater control, improved safety, and ultimate peace of mind on the road. Explore their products on our website today and elevate your driving experience with Ultimate9.