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Mining and Heavy Vehicle | 24V Truck Machinery Tools

Unleash Peak Performance with Mining and Heavy Vehicle | 24V Truck Machinery Tools

In the world of mining and heavy vehicles, precision and reliability are paramount. Elevate your diagnostics and maintenance capabilities with our comprehensive category of "Mining and Heavy Vehicle | 24V Truck Machinery Tools." As your trusted source for cutting-edge equipment, we feature top brands like Topdon, Launch, AUTOOL, FCAR, and AutoTest to meet the unique demands of heavy-duty environments.

Let’s explore some of our top product types and models in each below:

Truck Diagnostic Tools: Powering Your Fleet's Performance

Topdon Phoenix Max Professional Diagnostic Scan Tool 12/24V:

Revolutionise your approach to truck diagnostics with the Topdon Phoenix Max. With unparalleled coverage for 12V and 24V vehicles, this professional diagnostic scan tool boasts a 13.3" screen, a 4-channel oscilloscope, and ADAS compatibility. The updated VCI supports J2534, CanFD, DoIP, D-PDU, and RP1210 protocols, making it an indispensable tool for complex repairs on various automotive and heavy-duty vehicles.

Launch X431 V+ With Smartlink C 24V Module Diagnostic Scan Tool For 12/24V:

Experience diagnostic excellence with the Launch X431 V+. Designed for 12V and 24V systems, this high-end scan tool features active tests, ECU coding, and 20 service functions. Its industrial shockproof design ensures durability in repair shop environments, making it the ultimate choice for all-around fixes and comprehensive tests on trucks, buses, and heavy machinery.


Battery Testers: Ensure Optimal Power Every Time

Topdon BT600 Battery Tester with Printer 12/24V:

Empower your maintenance routine with the Topdon BT600 Battery Tester. Specifically designed for 12V and 24V systems, this tester provides accurate battery diagnostics with the convenience of a built-in printer. Ensure your fleet's optimal power with a tool that combines precision and efficiency.

AUTOOL BT760 Battery Tester 6V-32Volts With Printer:

Versatility meets performance with the AUTOOL BT760 Battery Tester. Covering a wide voltage range from 6V to 32V, this tester is equipped with a printer for on-the-spot documentation. Trust in its accuracy to assess battery health and make informed maintenance decisions.


AutoTest Products: Advanced Solutions for Workshop Excellence

Auto Test Workshop Pro 10 Brake Tester Decelerometer:

The AutoTest Workshop Pro 10 is a cutting-edge 10-inch tablet workshop tool featuring a built-in decelerometer, revolutionising brake testing and maintenance. Designed for testing service and emergency brakes in diverse vehicles, from passenger cars to trains and airport vehicles, it offers unparalleled convenience by allowing direct submission of roadworthy photos and reporting data to state authorities' apps or online portals.

Compliant with Australian standards and international calibration through NATA accreditation, this device is a versatile solution for workshop maintenance logging, compliance checks, accident investigations, and efficient brake system fault-finding. With its 10-inch screen, intelligent programming, GPS-enabled test location recording, and robust capabilities, the Workshop Pro 10 is a powerhouse for conducting over 500 tests on a single charge with up to 8 hours of continual use.

AutoTest Headlight Aligner | Headlight Aimer:

The AutoTest Headlight Aligner is the foremost choice for professional beam alignment of various headlamp types, including high, low, fog, XENON, and LED lamps. Renowned as the most comprehensive headlight aimer in Australia, it boasts features such as a robust anti-tip base with large castors for effortless manoeuvring, a laser pointer for precise positioning, a digital lux meter with a wide measuring window, and a manual optic alignment visor for straightforward parallel alignment.

With user-friendly height adjustment and compliance with ADR 46 and ECE R48 standards, this aligner ensures accurate and compliant headlight adjustments. Operating within specified ambient conditions and measuring ranges, it guarantees reliable performance, making it an indispensable tool for headlight alignment tasks in diverse automotive environments.

AutoStop Heavy Brake Meter Decelerometer for Commercial & Heavy Vehicles with GPS:

The AutoStop Heavy Brake Meter is the ultimate decelerometer catering to the braking needs of heavy and slow-moving vehicles, including commercial fleets, off-road transport, and forklifts in mining and transportation industries.

Ensuring compliance with ISO 3450 testing, this brake meter is a trusted choice for its adherence to roadworthy regulations across Australia, AS2958 Australian Standard, SANS 1589 and SANS 10047 brake testing, ECE R13, Federal Regulation FMVSS 135 and FMVSS 571 in the USA, and Transport Canada – CMVSS 135. With internationally traceable calibration through NATA accreditation, it generates precise test reports, showcasing average and maximum deceleration, distance to stop, test speed, and pedal force required.

Boasting a 12-month calibration interval, data logging, and GPS integration for location details, the AutoStop Heavy Brake Meter serves as an essential tool for assessing and ensuring the optimal performance of heavy vehicle brakes. Employers benefit from the included data logging facility, enabling test results to be downloaded for analysis and storage, contributing to Occupational Health & Safety compliance. Additionally, the optional NetBrake® software enhances capabilities, transforming the brake meter into a robust fleet management and reporting tool, setting the standard in the industry with clear pass or fail indications according to regional regulations.


Invest in Excellence – Choose Mining and Heavy Vehicle Tools that Deliver

Equip your maintenance crew with tools that go beyond expectations. Our category of "Mining and Heavy Vehicle | 24V Truck Machinery Tools" ensures that you're ready to tackle any diagnostic or maintenance challenge with confidence. Elevate your fleet's performance – explore our top-of-the-line tools today.

AutoStop Mini Plus Brake Meter
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