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Topdon Phoenix Max Professional Diagnostic Scan Tool 12/24 V With Or Without Truck Adapter Kit

 The Phoneix Max is TOPDON's newest cutting-edge automotive diagnostic scan tool.

With a 13.3" screen, this all-in-one tool offers a wide array of functionalities that will  expand any technician's capacity to complete every job.

The Phoenix Max includes a 4-channel oscilloscope, ADAS compatibility, and Topology Mapping that shows all car systems in one view and 24V software for trucks and machinery. Its updated VCI includes J2534, CanFD, DoIP, D-PDU, and RP1210 protocols, allowing professionals to perform more complex repairs on a variety of automotive and heavy-duty vehicles.

Check the Topdon compatibility website here to check what functions are available for each vehicle


  • Includes a 4-channel oscilloscope
  • Supports online programming for 15+ brands
  • Supports 9V to 24V vehicles models, configuring both passenger cars and heavy trucks
  • Access the FCA gateway to work on the most modern vehicles and adjust protected functions
  • Support ADAS Calibration and battery testing  (purchase separately)
  • Features Topology Mapping
  • 35 Maintenace functions
  • 2 years free updates

Cloud-Based Programming (beta)
- Audi Guide Function, Personalization, Module Programing
- BMW Coding, Initialization, Personalization (E & F series) module programming, DTC repair guide
- Land Rover/Jaguar Module Programming
- Mercedes-Benz Module programming, SCN Coding
- Nissan Module Programming
- Porsche Module Programming, Personalization
- Volkswagen Guide Function, Personalization, Module Programming


With the Phoenix Max, users can unlock special features and settings within vehicles. These advanced capabilities include enabling Video-In-Motion via DVD or USB, disabling the seatbelt light, and more. Applicable to vehicle makes such as Audi, VW, BMW, Porsche, Toyota, and more!

Explore More Features On the Phoenix MAX

  • 35 maintenance services for mainstream vehicle models.

  • Topology map granting a clear picture of relational vehicle systems and status.

  • Full-system diagnostic (Engine, Transmission, Airbag, ABS, ESP, TPMS, Immobilizer, Gateway, Steering, Radio, Air Conditioning) for over 200 vehicle models.

  • 5 Full-system diagnostic basic functions: access ECU info, read DTCs, clear DTCs, read data stream, active test.

  • AutoVIN for automatic vehicle identification.

  • Guide Function for VAG.

  • The FCA Secure Gateway Module(SGW) unlocks the FCA vehicle, in order to perform functions such as clearing DTCs, bi-directional testing and calibration.

  • Data stream recording for users to play back diagnostic activities.

  • Docking station so your machine is always on charge when on stand-by 


        • Memory: 8GB RAM & 256GB ROM
        • System: Android 9.0
        • Screen: 13.3" full-fitting, sunlight-readable screen
        • Resolution: 1920*1080p
        • Supports: 2.4GHz & 5GHz dual frequency
        • Rear Camera: 13MP
        • Front Camera: 8 MP
        • Battery: 9.360 mAh @ 7.6V/71.1 wt
        • Working Temperature: 32-122F
        • Dimensions:13.9*9.3*2.8 inch


        • Phoenix Max
        • Base
        • VCI Dongle Equipped with MegaCan, CanFD and 32534 Protocols
        • MDCI PRO CAB Male to Diagnostic Cable
        • Clipper Cable ( LCDSS )
        • Fuse ( AC250V/5A, φ5x20mm ) * 4
        • MDCI PRO CAB Type A to B Cable
        • Cigarette Lighter Cable
        • Fuse ( AC250V/5A, φ6x30mm ) * 2
        • BZ-38 ( BENZ )
        • TA-17 ( TOYOTA )
        • B-20 ( BMW )
        • HA-3 ( HONDA )
        • OBD I Adaptor
        • Charging Cable
        • TA-22 ( TOYOTA )
        • G/V-12 ( GM/VAG )
        • CR-6 ( CHRYSLER )
        • NN-14+16 ( NISSAN )
        • M/H-12+16 (MITUBISHI/HYUNDAI)
        • Adaptor
        • AC Cable (US)
        • Mini-HDMI to HDMI
        • BMW Programming line
        • 3-in-1 Charger 
        • FT-3 (FIAT) 
        • AC Cable (EU)
        • AC Cable (UK)
        • Type A USB to Type C
        • Ethernet Cable

        Topdon Phoenix Max Brochure

        Topdon Phoenix Max User Manual and Setup


         *Our Topdon Phoenix max includes the 24V HD software

        24V Commercial vehicle software come with 12 months of free updates 


        Free shipping 

        After-sales technical support 

        12-month warranty 

        2 years free updates

        30 day money-back guarantee - we guarantee you'll love it or you'll get your money back

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 4 reviews
        Reece Adermann
        Impressive tool

        Once again top-notch customer service from Liam. Very happy we went with the Topdon

        Stephen Caffery

        Blown away by what we can do and access with this tool
        We have used snap-on, G scan, Autel, Launch and various software programs and the Topdon beats them all. We will be getting another tool for our other site.
        Great customer service from Liam
        Thanks team

        Impressive machine

        Was hesitant as it’s a new brand I’ve never heard of before
        We have been using it a few weeks and are blown away!
        We have a snap on and autel ultra and this tool shits all over them


        Upgraded from the phoenix smart to the max. max allows me access into the backend andriod system allowing some more functionality to the tablet so it's not just a scan tool. also came with the scope which was great.