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OBD2 Heads Up Displays

Explore Cutting-Edge Heads-Up Displays for Enhanced Driving

Heads up displays (HUDs) are revolutionising the way drivers interact with their vehicles, providing real-time insights and crucial information directly within the driver's line of sight. These advanced devices offer a safer, more efficient, and more enjoyable driving experience, making them a must-have for modern motorists.

Let’s explore some of our customers favourite heads up displays:

TurboGauge OBD2 Scan Tool Digital Gauge Car Trip Computer: Unlock Comprehensive Vehicle Insights

The TurboGauge OBD2 Scan Tool Digital Gauge Car Trip Computer is a versatile and essential device for every driver. With features like digital gauges, scan tool capabilities, and car black box functionality, it offers unparalleled insights into your vehicle's health and performance. Easily monitor critical parameters such as vehicle speed, battery voltage, fuel pressure, and more in real-time. Say goodbye to expensive car check-ups and keep your vehicle running smoothly with the TurboGauge Trip Computer.

KONNWEI Digital OBD2 Gauge Trip Computer + Scan Tool: Personalised Performance Monitoring

The KONNWEI Digital OBD2 Gauge Trip Computer + Scan Tool takes personalised performance monitoring to the next level. Featuring a high-resolution colorful LCD screen and customisable alarm settings, it provides real-time data on various vehicle parameters, including fuel level, engine load value, and RPM engine speed. With support for OBD2 full protocol and fast data update rates, this device offers fast, accurate, and reliable performance monitoring for all OBD2-compliant vehicles.

AUTOOL X91 GPS TPMS Heads Up Display for All Vehicles: Ultimate Multi-Function Car Display

The AUTOOL X91 GPS TPMS Heads Up Display is the ultimate multi-function car display for any driving experience. Combining GPS navigation, on-board inclinometer, and TPMS tire pressure monitoring system, it offers comprehensive insights into your vehicle's performance. Monitor tire pressure, vehicle roll angle, satellite speed, and more in real-time, ensuring a safe and efficient driving experience. With easy plug-and-play installation and a range of alarm functions, the AUTOOL X91 enhances safety, convenience, and peace of mind on the road.

Quicklynks BM5 Bluetooth Battery Monitoring System with HUD: Optimise Battery Health and Performance

The Quicklynks BM5 Bluetooth Battery Monitoring System with HUD is your go-to solution for optimising battery health and performance. Real-time display of battery health value, temperature, charge, and voltage ensures you stay informed about your vehicle's battery status at all times. With intelligent vibration induction and low power consumption, this device offers hassle-free monitoring and peace of mind. Upgrade your battery monitoring experience with the Quicklynks BM5 Bluetooth Battery Monitoring System.

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