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Quicklynks BM5 Bluetooth Battery Monitoring System with HUD

QUICKLYNKS BM5-D 12V LED  Battery Health + Charge Tester with solar powered heads up display unit



1. Real-time display of battery health value, temperature, charge, and voltage

2. Battery start system and charging system monitoring

3. Data abnormality alarm to remind you of battery status in time

4. Display is powered by solar panel, but can still be charged with Type-C charging interface, very low power consumption, one charge can be used for a week

5. 433MHz accurate transmission, real-time monitoring of battery status

6. Intelligent vibration induction, intelligent screen off and bright screen, automatic switch on and off, low power consumption

7. Patented algorithm, the longer the time, the more accurate.

8. Applicable to all 12V starter batteries, can be used in cars, trucks, yachts, motorcycles


Material: Plastic, ABS

Working Voltage6-25V

Working Temperature:-40°C-80°C

Average Operating current: 2.3mA

Data Transmission Frequency: 433MHz Wireless transmission

Display:9 LEDS

Protection: Built-in fuse and reverse polarity protection circuit


Built-in lithium battery capacity: 750mAh

Charging input: solar panel, TypeC

Display: Monochrome LCD screen with backlight

Protection: Built-in fuse

Operating temperature: -20°-70°C

Storage temperature: -30°-80°C


Package Includes:

1 x heads-up display unit

1 x BM5 Battery Tester

1 x TypeC charging cable

1 x Instruction Manual

1 x Anti-slip Pad


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Aaron Camm
Easy to install

Easy to install and read. Sits on my dash and charges with the solar so no need for charging cables.

Steve Dean

Straight forward to install and the display tells me all I need to know.