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OBD2 Scan Tool Australia | Car Code Reader

Our engine code readers are basic OBD2 scanners that can help you:

  • Quickly diagnose Engine fault codes and know why your CHECK Engine light is on
  • Clear the check engine light
  • Monitor engine sensor live data
  • I/M Readiness 
  • Do Oxygen Sensor Tests, On-board Monitor Test and Component Tests


Engine OBD2 readers are the perfect choice if you are a beginner or just looking for the best OBD2 scan tool to quickly and easily diagnose & monitor engine/fuel system sensors on any OBD2 Compatible vehicle. 

Unsure if Your Vehicle is OBD2? Check our Quick Guide Here to find out if an OBD2 Scan Tool Will be Compatible With Your Car

If you are new to this and want to understand how they work please read our guide on How Does a Basic OBD2 Scan Tool Work?