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Explore our diverse range of stand-alone oscilloscopes and add-on kits, tailored to elevate your diagnostic capabilities. Dive into the world of troubleshooting sensor issues and diagnosing intricate electrical faults with confidence, powered by industry-leading oscilloscopes from trusted brands such as Hantek, Topdon, and Autel.

What Is An Oscilloscope?

An oscilloscope, also known as a scope or an O-scope, is a fundamental instrument utilised in electronics and automotive diagnostics. Functioning as a visualiser and analyser of waveform signals, oscilloscopes play a pivotal role in understanding the behaviour of electrical systems. By graphically representing voltage changes over time, these devices offer technicians invaluable insights into signal characteristics such as amplitude, frequency, and timing relationships. With their capability to capture and display real-time signals with precision, oscilloscopes empower technicians to diagnose complex electrical faults, troubleshoot sensor issues, and fine-tune electronic circuits effectively.

Our Customers Favourite Oscilloscopes:

Topdon Phoenix Max Professional Diagnostic Scan Tool 12/24V:

If you're seeking a comprehensive scan tool complete with an integrated oscilloscope, look no further than the Topdon Phoenix Max Professional Diagnostic Scan Tool. This all-inclusive automotive diagnostic device operates seamlessly across 12/24V systems, boasting a 4-channel oscilloscope, ADAS compatibility, and advanced topology mapping. With a repertoire of over 35 maintenance functions, including precise ADAS calibration and battery testing capabilities, tackling intricate repairs becomes effortless. Enjoy enhanced vehicle compatibility through online programming support for over 15 brands, coupled with the assurance of 2 years of complimentary updates for uninterrupted performance.

Hantek 1008C 8CH USB 2.0 Automotive Diagnostic PC Oscilloscope:

For customers prioritising affordability without compromising on functionality, the Hantek 1008C 8CH USB 2.0 Automotive Diagnostic PC Oscilloscope presents an ideal solution. With its comprehensive suite of features, including 8 channels of real-time sampling and spectrum analysis, this oscilloscope empowers users to conduct thorough vehicle diagnostics without breaking the bank. Supported by user-friendly software compatible with Windows platforms, it simplifies complex diagnostic tasks, making it suitable for technicians of varying expertise levels.

Hantek Digital Oscilloscope + Waveform Generator + Multimeter 2 Channels 70MHz LCD Display:

Innovation meets versatility with the Hantek Digital Oscilloscope + Waveform Generator + Multimeter 2 Channels 70MHz LCD Display, offering customers a multifaceted diagnostic tool designed to tackle a wide range of automotive diagnostic challenges. With over 80 possible tests and the combined functionalities of an oscilloscope, multimeter, and waveform generator, this device provides comprehensive diagnostic coverage. Its user-friendly design, featuring a high-definition color LCD screen, USB charging capability, and minimalist keyboard, ensures ease of operation and seamless functionality.

Hantek TO1254D Touch Screen Digital Oscilloscope 4 Channel:

Step into the future of automotive diagnostics with the Hantek TO1254D Touch Screen Digital Oscilloscope 4 Channel, a cutting-edge device designed to meet the demands of modern diagnostic tasks. Boasting a sleek, lightweight design and packed with robust functionality, the TO1254D offers unparalleled versatility. Equipped with a multi-touch large screen, 4-channel oscilloscope, high-precision multimeter, and built-in signal generator, it provides advanced diagnostic capabilities. Additionally, features such as fast charging and a durable anti-shock housing ensure reliability and performance in even the toughest environments.

Empower Your Diagnostic Journey:

Enhance your diagnostic precision and efficiency with our range of high-performance oscilloscopes tailored to meet the demands of modern automotive diagnostics. Explore advanced features, unmatched reliability, and comprehensive vehicle compatibility to elevate your diagnostic prowess to new heights. Unravel the complexities of vehicle systems with confidence, backed by cutting-edge technology and industry-leading brands. Elevate your diagnostics with our range of oscilloscopes today!