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Car Gauge | TPMS Displays

Discover Enhanced Driving Solutions with Car Gauges

Car gauges, comprising of trip computers, tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS), and heads-up displays (HUDs), are revolutionising the way drivers interact with their vehicles. These advanced technologies provide real-time insights into crucial vehicle metrics, enhancing safety, efficiency, and overall driving experience.

Trip Computers: Stay Informed, Stay Safe

Trip computers offer a comprehensive view of your vehicle's performance, displaying essential data such as vehicle speed, manifold pressure, battery voltage, and engine load. The TurboGauge OBD2 Scan Tool Digital Gauge Car Trip Computer stands out as a top choice in this category. With features like digital gauges, scan tool capabilities, and car black box functionality, it provides invaluable insights into your vehicle's health and performance. Experience peace of mind on the road with the TurboGauge, knowing you have real-time access to critical information about your vehicle.

Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS): Ensure Optimal Tire Health

TPMS systems help drivers maintain optimal tire pressure, prolonging tire life and enhancing fuel efficiency and safety. Our solar-powered TPMS options, including the Solar Powered Tyre Pressure Monitoring System - Car + 4WD TPMS and Solar Powered Tyre Pressure Monitoring System - Trucks + Motorhomes TPMS, offer effortless installation and reliable performance. With features like leak detection, pressure and temperature monitoring, and audible alarms, these systems provide unparalleled peace of mind on the road.

Heads-Up Displays (HUDs): Navigate with Confidence

Heads-up displays bring essential information directly into the driver's line of sight, minimising distractions and improving situational awareness. The AUTOOL X91 GPS TPMS Heads Up Display for All Vehicles combines GPS navigation, inclinometer, and TPMS functionality to deliver real-time insights into your vehicle's performance. With features like over-speed alerts, tire pressure monitoring, and GPS navigation, the AUTOOL X91 ensures a safe, efficient, and enjoyable driving experience.

Experience the future of driving with car gauges and unlock a new level of safety, efficiency, and convenience on the road.