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Solar Powered Tyre Pressure Monitoring System - Car + 4WD TPMS

Our Solar Powered TPMS

Very easy to install with external wheel sensors with locking nuts. The display unit is solar powered so it is always charged and does not need any external cables, However you can plug the screen into a power source via USB if required.


Its a fantastic system to monitor your tyre pressures and to ensure you do not get caught out with a slow leak. The 4 External sensors are durable and waterproof so that they last in the harsh Australian conditions. Am alarm will sound if the sensor detects the pressure is too low / too high or it detects a leak.

  • Install in under 10 minutes
  • Turns off and on with vibration/movement
  • Includes solar dash unit and 4 wheel sensors
  • Improve your fuel economy with correct pressures
  • Reduce your tyre wear by monitoring pressures
  • Suits Tyres up to 52psi 
  • Easy to read display with backlight for night 
  • When dark switches to backlight mode
  • Solar powered display with built in battery so no need for messy cables
  • Leak, pressure and temperature alarm

 Click here for product video - simple installation 

Product installation and settings video 

Troubleshooting sensor pairing issues video



After sales support 

Product will come with a one year warranty

30 day money back guarantee - we guarantee you'll love it or you'll get your money back 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jim Hales
So far so good

Ordered 4 sensor TPMS for my caravan. Arrived promptly and easy to set up. Yet to ensure it has the range needed on road with van but will find out soon with a 10000k road trip coming up

Neill Bell

Both installed in accordance with the instructions but they continuously beep every 2 minutes. I like the product but I have turned them off today because the beeping is driving me crazy.

Brian Cottee
TPMS after sales service

Found the after sales service very good as there was problem the first unit. After talking with staff and trying a few things there was no hesitation in sending a replace unit which worked fine. Looking forward to using the unit on my next caravan trip.

Sensors stuck on tyre valves

The product works well for the price, but the stainless steel nut which is tightened up against the sensor housing after a while gets too tight to loosen and not even after applying WD40 still refuses to undo. Not sure how to navigate this situation.

Gab Malone

How bloody good are these! Installed in 5 mins
So interesting to watch how your tyre pressure goes up as the tyres heat up on the road
I also love there is no cable and it’s solar powered