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AUTOOL X91 GPS TPMS Heads Up Display for All Vehicles

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X91 GPS Car Inclinometer

TPMS Tire Pressure Monitor System

Slope Meter with Tyre Pressure & Temperature

GPS Speedometer





Voltage for 12V Cars

Heads Up Display



  • Multi-function car display: It combines the TPMS tyre pressure monitoring system, GPS heads-up display, on-board gradient meter, and three major functions.
  • Product function: tyre pressure display , Tyre temperature display , Vehicle roll angle display , Vehicle with elevation display , Satellite speed display , Altitude display , Latitude and longitude measurement display , Compass display , Satellite time display
  • Alarm function: roll angle danger alarm, with elevation angle danger alarm , Speeding alarm , Fatigue driving alarm (alarm for 4 hours of continuous driving) , Tire Leakage Alarm , Tyre low-pressure alarm , Tyre high-pressure alarm , Tyre high-temperature alarm , Low battery sensor alarm
  • GPS heads-up display: equipped with high-precision dual-channel satellite GPS signal module. Fully automatic monitoring of vehicle driving conditions. Starts with the car, stops automatically sleep function when car switched off.
  • Adopt colour high-definition LCD screen display, the resolution is higher. Use the light intensity sensed by the light source sensor to adjust the screen brightness.

Product Functions:
Tire Pressure Display
Tire Temperature Display
Vehicle Roll Angle Display
Vehicle Pitch Angle Display
Satellite Speed Display
Altitude Display
Latitude and Longitude Display
Compass Display
Satellite Time Display

Alarm Functions:
Roll Angle Alarm
Pitch Angle Alarm
Over Speed Alarm
Fatigue Driving Alarm(Continuous Driving over 4 Hours)
Tire Leak Alarm
Tire Low-Pressure Alarm
Tire High-Pressure Alarm
Tire High-Temperature Alarm
Tire Sensor Low Power Alarm

Easy installation - Simply plug into your cigarette lighter socket

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