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AUTOOL X91 GPS TPMS Heads Up Display for All Vehicles

Introducing the Autool X91 Trip Computer - the ultimate multi-function car display for any driving experience. This device combines a GPS heads-up display, on-board inclinometer, and TPMS tyre pressure monitoring system to provide drivers with the most comprehensive information about their vehicle's performance.

Product Functions:

  • Tyre Pressure Display
  • Tyre Temperature Display
  • Vehicle Roll Angle Display
  • Vehicle Pitch Angle Display
  • Satellite Speed Display
  • Altitude Display
  • Latitude and Longitude Display
  • Compass Display
  • Satellite Time Display

Alarm Functions:

  • Roll Angle Alarm
  • Pitch Angle Alarm
  • Over Speed Alarm
  • Fatigue Driving Alarm (Continuous Driving over 4 Hours)
  • Tyre Leak Alarm
  • Tyre Low-Pressure Alarm
  • Tyre High-Pressure Alarm
  • Tyre High-Temperature Alarm
  • Tyre Sensor Low Power Alarm


Plug and Play

Easy installation - Simply plug into your cigarette lighter socket.

The X91 Trip Computer is equipped with a high-precision dual-channel GPS signal module that provides accurate information about your vehicle's speed, altitude, latitude, and longitude. The color high-definition LCD screen displays all of this information in real-time, with an auto-brightness adjustment feature that ensures maximum visibility in any lighting conditions.

In addition to its GPS capabilities, the X91 also functions as an inclinometer, measuring your vehicle's roll angle and pitch angle. This feature is essential for off-roading, hill-climbing, and other rugged driving conditions.

The X91 also includes a TPMS tyre pressure monitoring system that displays tyre pressure and temperature, as well as alarms for low tyre pressure, high tyre pressure, and tyre leakage. This ensures that your tyres are always in top condition and ready for any driving situation.

Other key features of the X91 include a compass, time display, and a range of alarm functions for added safety and convenience.

The X91 is easy to install and use, simply plug it into your cigarette lighter socket and you're good to go. With its sleek and modern design, the X91 is the perfect addition to any vehicle, providing drivers with the most comprehensive information about their vehicle's performance and safety. Upgrade your driving experience with the Autool X91 Trip Computer today!




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