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AutoTest Headlight Aligner | Headlight Aimer

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The AutoTest Headlight Align is a professional quality beam aligner suitable for all kinds of headlamps (high, low, fog including XENON and LED lamps). It is supplied with assembly, operation and calibration manuals and a declaration of conformity.



  • Robust anti-tip base fitted with large castors for easy maneuvering.
  • Laser pointer for easy positioning of the unit.
  • Digital lux meter and wide measuring window.
  • Manual optic alignment visor for easy parallel alignment.
  • Easy-to-use height adjustment lock mechanism.
  • Compliant with ADR 46 (Vehicle Standard – Australian Design Rule 46/00 – Headlamps)
  • Compliant with ECE R48 – Rule 48

IMPORTANT: When testing European and many new cars, the headlights lower if the car is not running. You may require to have the engine running to test accurately.



Operating conditions

  • Ambient Temperature: -10°C to 40°C
  • Relative Humidity: Less than 95%
  • Atmospheric Pressure: 70.0KPa – 106.0KPa
  • Power supply: DC9V battery or 12v car battery or cigarette lighter (maximum input voltage 25V)
  • Floor: The instrument and the vehicle must be placed on the same surface, Gradient and out of level shall not exceed 3%.

Measuring range

  • Central elevation of the headlight: 30cm – 1,400cm
  • Luminous intensity: 0 – 100,000cd
  • Optic axis deviation of high beam and low beam
    • Left – Right: L 4%/10m – R 4%/10m (L 40cm/10m – R 40cm/10m)
    • Up – Down: U 2%/10/m- D 4%/10m (U 20cm/10m – D 40cm/10m)


  • Measuring distance: 500mm
  • Power consumption: <0.5W
  • Net Weight: 26kg


Testing headlight beams using the Headlamp Screen and Testing Bay method requires 12m x 2.5m on a level/flat ground. Using the AutoTest Headlight Align, you only require 5m x 2.5m for accurate and compliant testing. Making it an effective use of your testing/garage space.


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