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Australian Built Ford and Holden Vehicles

If you are requiring a tool that is compatible with reading AU built Holden vehicles your options are limited as the the vehicles run a different protocol even though it has the standard OBD2 plug 

If you are wanting a basic code reader to find out why your engine light is on we recommend the Artlink200 Topdon For AU Holden Ford

If you are requiring a tool that will read all fault codes and is capable of coding on any Holden vehicle we recommend the Vident i400AU

If you after a full system diagnostic tool that does other makes and models

you can choose from the Ancel X7 (OBD2 only)

Any of the Vident iSmart series (OBD1 + OBD2)

Vident iSmart800 

Vident iSmart900

Vident iSmart910

Or the most popular the AUTEL Maxisys  MS906BT ( OBD1 + OBD2 )

AUTEL Maxisys MS906BT


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