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KONNWEI Digital OBD2 Gauge Trip Computer + Scan Tool

KONNWEI KW206 details and features:

1. The high-resolution colorful LCD screen, can display the real-time parameters of your car.

2. System parameter setting:
Units (metric system, imperial system) / key-press sound switch, alarm sound switch, screen brightness, screen rotation, link protocol prompts, etc.

3. OBD Para Set OBD data stream setting:
Set car parameters for refined calculation of fuel consumption, etc.

4. Alarm Set:
It can be set to exceed a certain set value. The product will beep twice and the font will flash red to remind. The items that can be set are: RPM engine speed alarm, VSS driving speed alarm, ECT engine water temperature alarm, VOL engine voltage over-voltage alarm

5. OBD Diagnose Vehicle OBD diagnosis:
Support reading, clearing, and data flow

6. 0-100KM Time:
0-100km acceleration test, the time required for the test to accelerate to 100km/h

7. Diversified display of automobile parameters function, supports real-time display of 95 pieces of data, including Fuel Level, Engine Load Value, Fuel Consumption

8. Support OBD2 full protocol, including J1850 dual protocol

9. Support unit switch, imperial unit and metric unit, or switch a parameter unit separately, such as KM /Mile

10. Fast data update rate, low latency and fast response

11. Automatically turn off and shut down, and automatically sleep when the voltage is lower than the engine's flame-out voltage. After sleep, low power consumption does not need to be unplugged

Automatically switches between day and night brightness

Compatible with all OBD2 compliant vehicles