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AutoLight Hands Free Magnetic Window Tint Meter


AutoLight® MAGNETIC is a Light Transmission Meter that measures the level of light transmitted through a tinted window to determine its safety level. It is a lightweight, accurate and easy to operate tool for law enforcement officers. Some local regulations also require testing of tinted glass to ensure conformance during vehicle safety inspections. The AutoLight meter provides inspectors with accurate readings that would otherwise be impossible by simple visual inspection.

AutoLight Magnetic is a portable Light Transmission Meter. The meter measures the level of light transmitted through a tinted window to determine its safety level. 
Window tinting can diminish driver vision through vehicle windows. This compromises the safety of the driver and their passengers. Safety is jeopardised when approaching vehicles with dark, nonregulatory approved window tinting. The internal space of the vehicle and its passenger’s movements are not clearly visible.


Victorian legislation has changed for window tint testing. You are now required to take a photo of each window test result. As quoted by VicRoads regulations, dated 2012, “licensed vehicle testers must take and store digital photographs of the vehicles being inspected during a roadworthiness test.” Check the regulations in your area to see how it affects your testing requirements.


  • Magnetic for hands free operation
  • Easy to operate by aligning two reader tubes
  • Single button operation
  • Compliant with roadworthy regulations
  • Compliant with ISO 3538:1997
  • Can be used for side windows or windscreens
  • Calculates the percentage of light transmitted through window
  • Automatic start function
  • Lightweight (450g)
  • Compact (190mm x 60mm)


  • Sensor specification:
    • Spectral sensitivity conforming to photopic curve V (λ) of relative illuminous efficiency of the CIE 1931 standard observer for photopic vision
    • Compliant with ISO 3538:1997
  • Display:
    • LED readout 0 - 100%
    • Resolution: 0.1%
    • Display is optimised for Digital photography
  • Accuracy:
    • Linear from 20 – 100%
    • +/- 3% Accuracy
  • Light source:
    • 2856ºK ± 50ºK, conforming to CIE illuminate A
    • Lamp voltage stabilised within ±0.1%
  • Power Source:
    • 2 x MN 1604 batteries (9 volt)


AutoLight® is an essential tool to assist law enforcement agencies, testing authorities and anyone involved in fleet safety management to help ensure vehicles are compliant and safe.


What is a Light Transmittance Meter?

A light transmittance meter is used to measure the percentage of light transmitted through a transparent material. In terms of automotive roadworthiness, a light transmittance meter measures the darkness of window tint on a car’s windows and windscreen. This product is also known as a window tint meter or window tint tester.


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Source: VicRoads Window Tinting Vehicle Standards Information



Source: TMR QLD (Transport & Main Roads Queensland)


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