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Topdon Phoenix Max Review: Features You Need To Know About!

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Looking for an automotive diagnostic scanner that helps you achieve more in one easy-to-use interface? Introducing the Topdon Phoenix Max, which is the ultimate tool to help elevate your mechanical services with precision and quality diagnostics. Check out our in-depth walk through below, or continue scrolling to read our review.


With its 13.3-inch screen, this is the model of choice for any automotive specialist wanting to achieve higher levels of productivity and provide a wider scope of services on all vehicle models for valued clients. 

Topdon Phoenix Max Professional Diagnostic Scan Tool 12/24 V With Or Without Truck Adapter Kit

Topdon Phoenix Max Professional Diagnostic Scan Tool 12/24 V With Or Without Truck Adapter Kit


More Capabilities 

The Topdon Phoenix Max boasts 8G of RAM and has noticeably more capabilities than other acclaimed models, such as Autel. It includes a 4-channel oscilloscope kit. When paired with the T-Ninja Box the scan tool offers module cloning, which saves EEPROM files from a control module and transfers that data into a new or second-hand module, which you won’t find in any other model on the market.

Topdon T-Ninja Box Advanced Immobiliser and Key Programmer


Cloud-based Programming

Cloud-based software is fast emerging as a sought-after feature in most digital tools, and it’s no different in automotive diagnostics. The Topdon Phoenix Max supports cloud-based programming for 15 brands of vehicles including Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, and Land Rover, which is a significant advancement considering that Autel high-end tools support cloud-based programming for only two brands.


Software for Trucks

Gone are the days of turning down business from truck owners because the Topdon Phoenix Max has an upgrade option to include a truck adaptor kit. This 24V commercial vehicle software also comes with twelve months of updates for free!

Impressive Add-ons

Of course, no diagnostic scanner would be complete without the option for add-ons, and the Topdon Phoenix Max not only delivers but exceeds expectations. Experience the T-Ninja Box add-on for key programming and module cloning, the Topdon BT Mobile Pros battery tester, the ADAS frame, and a thermal imaging camera, all adding pinpoint accuracy and pleasure to your work.


Topdon ADAS PX1000 Advanced Driver Assistance Mobile Calibration System (Basic Package)

Topdon ADAS PX1000 Advanced Driver Assistance Mobile Calibration System (Basic Package)


Effortless Maintenance 

When it comes to maintenance features, even the most established brands like Autel often fall short. In comparison, the Topdon Phoenix Max does not disappoint, with 41 maintenance services and a docking station to ensure your device is always charged and ready for use. It also has topology mapping, giving you a clear visual overview of all elements in your vehicle systems.


Free Updates

WithTopdon Phoenix Max, you get two years of free updates for the light vehicle software and one year free for the commercial 24V software. The Topdon Max updates are significantly cheaper compared to other brands, giving you more value for your money in the long run and the capability to offer clients a cutting-edge, satisfactory service.



For a premium automotive diagnostic tool that lets you get more done with less hassle, fewer expenses and no need to outsource, get the Topdon Phoenix Max now. Order online with Premium Diagnostic Equipment, your leading supplier of quality scan tools in Australia.

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