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Topdon T30A Battery Charger for 6V/12V/24V

TOPDON 10 15 30 Amp Automotive Battery Charger for 6V/12V/24V 

Automatic Repair, Desulfator, Trickle Charger, Maintainer, Stable Power Supply.

The Topdon T30000 works with 6V/12V/24V lead-acid batteries including WET, GEL, ME, CA, EFR, AGM, as well as 12V/24V deep cycle batteries, and lithium batteries!


  • UP TO 30A QUICK CHARGE Designed to charge 6V/12V/24V lead-acid batteries, including Wet, Gel, MF, Cal, EFB, AGM, and 12V/24V Li-ion batteries from 50Ah to 1000Ah, TOPDON TORNADO30000 (T30A) is more powerful compared to previous models and features increased charging speed.
  • WIDE COVERAGE OF APPLICATIONS T30A battery charger is suitable for most types of vehicles, like motorbikes, cars, trucks, speedboats, RV, SUV, ATV, and ORV. It also works well with deep-cycle batteries used in forklifts, golf carts, electric wheelchairs, sweepers, and solar energy systems. For lead-acid batteries repair mode can restore lost battery performance by breaking down lead sulfate buildup. Trickle charging ensures the battery can be left safely connected indefinitely without the risk of overcharging.
  • SAFETY ABOVE EVERYTHING T30A protects your battery against reverse polarity, overheating, reverse charge, short-circuits, and over-voltages. Equipped with ABS flame resistant housing this charger can even prevent sparks. Built-in temperature sensors and cooling fan can automatically change the charging power according to the temperature to make it work in any climate.
  • RELIABLE POWER The Tornado 30000 also works as a voltage stabilizer for ECU programming and a power supply for 12V & 24V devices such as tyre inflators, car vacuums, car fridges, etc. You can maintain vehicle voltage at a stable 12V to prevent discharge while performing repairs. 


Supporting battery capacity ranges from 50Ah to 1000Ah.

Maximum 30A charging current for fast charging to save you time.

Connect it & Forget it. Our 9-step charging mode brings the charge level back to 100% and the maintenance function ensures the battery charger can be safely left connected indefinitely without the risk of overcharging.

Battery Diagnostic

Before charging the TOPDON TORNADO30000 battery charger automotive will automatically analyze & diagnose your battery while accurately charging and maintaining it at the same time.

Battery Recovery

Desulfation mode on a car battery charger is for recharging a completely depleted battery. Depleted batteries can accumulate lead sulfate and can’t be recharged with the typical 12.0 volts. Desulfation mode applies a greater voltage to restart a battery’s charge cycle.

Battery Maintenance

Checks the battery status and brings the charge level back to 100%. Then the ANALYSIS, RECONDITION, and MAINTENANCE will switch into a charge cycle to keep the battery at full charge.




STEP1 Charge your battery or constant power supply?

If you want to deliver a constant power supply during ECU flashing, reprogramming, and diagnostic testing, choose the SUPPLY/12V or SUPPLY/24V.

If you just want to charge your battery, go to STEP2.

STEP2 Check your battery’s type.

If your battery is lithium-ion, choose 12V 30A/lithium or 24v 15A/lithium. If your battery is lead-acid, go to STEP3.

STEP3 Calculate max current

First of all, you should check your battery’s voltage and capacity. Then calculate the maximum charging current. (Max current≈capacity ×20%)

STEP4 Choose the suitable charging voltage and charging current

A suitable charging voltage is slightly higher than your battery's voltage.

A suitable charging current is best not to exceed the max current. A higher current makes a quicker charge.





Input Voltage: 100-240V

Output Current: 12V:30A 12V:10A 24V:15A 6V:30A 

Charging Mode: 12V30A (NORM/LI/REP) 24V15A (NORM/COLD/LI/REP) 6V15A (NORM/REPAIR) SUPPLY 12V30A/24V15A 12V10A NORM

Applicable Batteries: 50-1000Ah

AC Cable Length: 2m,Input AWG18#

Charging Clamp Length: Positive AWG10#, 2.2m; Negative AWG10#, 2.2m

Working Temperature: -10~40 (14~104)

Storage Temperature: -2075 (-4~167)

Protection Rating: IP20 Fan cooled

Dimensions: 335 x 160 x 78 mm (13.18 x 6.29 x 3.07 inches)

Net Weight: 2800g (6lb)

Packing List:

1*Tornado30000 With Battery Clamps

1*Packing Box

1*User Manual


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