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Thinkcar Thinkdiag Mini OBD2 Full System Bluetooth Scan Tool

The Thinkdiag Mini professional Bluetooth OBD2 scanner supports full system diagnostics on all OBD2 compliant vehicles. Read and clear codes from all availble systems in your vehicle.

Will the Thinkdiag mini work with my vehicle? Check our OBD2 guide here 

Thinkdiag Mini Full Systems Diagnostic Bluetooth Scanner

Thinkdiag mini OBD2 scanner is a Portable Wireless Bluetooth Automotive Diagnostic Device. It will perform full systems diagnosis for cars,10 OBD2 modules for car engine systems. This car scanner has 115+ brands of car software available.  You can use it to read and erase car error codes and reset the system. 

A professional Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner:

Traditional diagnostic scan tools are equipped with diagnostic cables and you have to connect the car scanner with the OBDII port via cable during the diagnosis, which limits the diagnostic distance within 1m. While the Thinkdiag mini scan tool offers a wireless connection, making it convenient and efficient during work.

An online communicating vehicle scan tool: 

If you encounter problems during use, you can interact with other users and the Thinkcar Technical Team online to get help. At the same time, the APP is equipped with a 'Thinkstore' module, and other equipment, accessories, and software can be purchased online. The combination of vehicle diagnosis and online communication allows you to easily complete a car diagnosis!

A Professional Car All Systems Diagnostic OBD2 Scanner.

Thinkdiag mini professional automotive scanner will give a thorough diagnosis on all available electronic control modules and troubleshoot the cause issue in minutes, such as check engine system, ABS system, SRS system, SAS system, Suspension system, Instrument system, BCM system, Air Conditioning system, Transmission system, Steering system, Dashboard system, Battery Charging system, DPF system, TPMS system and etc. With the latest Auto VIN Technology, Thinkdiag mini car diagnostic scanner will be able to perform a quick diagnosis and complete vehicle inspection features, which allows you to identify vehicle information, like brand, year, make, model and etc.

Additionally, the Thinkdiag mini car diagnostic scanner for all cars is able to read and reset fault codes, retrieve ECU information for all available systems.

1.Read fault codes: read and decode the DTCs to identify where the fault location is;

2.Clear fault codes: erase the DTCs to turn off the MIL after repairs;

3.Retrieve ECU information: allows you to retrieve vehicle information;

4.Graph live data stream: view the dynamic data stream to determine vehicle condition;


1. View freeze frame date

2. support graph data stream

3.O2 Sensor test

4. Evap system test

5. On-Board monitor test

6.Read & Clear DTCs

7. Auto Identify VIN information

8. DTC code lookup

9. Turn off MIL(Malfunction Indicator Lights)

10.I/M Readiness status test

The Thinkdiag is very user friendly 

1. Download and install the APP ”ThinkDiag Mini” in Google Play or iOS App Store to your device

2. Register and log in to the THINKDIAG Mini;

3. You can select one free car software through ThinkDiag Mall app after activating the serial number for the first time.

4. Plug the ThinkDiag Mini dongle into the vehicle’s 16pin OBD2 Data Link Connector;

5. Turn on the vehicle's ignition while the engine is not running

6. Tap Me/Setting button of your device to Bluetooth pair the ThinkDiag Mini with your device;

7. Scan your vehicle 

Languages available-  English, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, German, Polish, Romanian, Dutch, Arabic, Czech, Danish, Greek, Persian, Finnish, Hungarian, Swedish, Turkish, Serbian, Croatian

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jesse Rogers
Fast shipping

arrived quickly and did what I needed to do on my Rav 4 thanks


This scanner is ok but I don’t like that I can only get one brand for free. You have to pay to add extra brands

Peter M

Pretty good functionality for the money

great little tool

good value for money easily reset the oil service reminder on my Colorado and will be able to do many more things by the looks of it