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PDE 19PCS VDE Insulated Tool Set

Premium Diagnostic Equipment has designed our very own range of insulated tool sets

Insulated tools are crucial for ensuring safety while working on electric vehicles, as well as in live line maintenance. The utilisation of insulated tools provides a vital layer of protection against the inherent dangers of working with live electrical currents. The risk of electrocution, which can lead to severe injuries or even loss of life, is significantly reduced through the use of these specialised tools.

By using insulated tools, technicians can work confidently and securely on live electrical systems. These tools provide an extra layer of protection, reducing the likelihood of accidents and creating a safer working environment. Moreover, they help prevent inadvertent short circuits, which could result in equipment damage, system failure, or even fires.


Premium Quality Insulated Hand Tool Set

  • VDE/GS certificated
  • Manufactured according to EN60900
  • Insulated to withstand 1000 Volts
  • Designed in Australia

Tool set includes:

Insulated Single Open-End Spanner     10,14,17mm
Insulated Ring Spanner                         10,14,19mm 
Insulated Slotted Screwdriver                SL3,SL4,SL5.5
Insulated Phillips Screwdriver                PH0,PH1
Insulated Voltage Tester              3*70mm
Insulated High Leverage Combination Pliers     8"/200mm
Insulated Long Nose Pliers                                 6"/160mm
Insulated Diagonal Cutting Pliers                        6"/160mm
Insulated Wire Stripping Pliers                             6"/160mm
Insulated Cable Knife With Insulated Blade         220mm
Insulated Adjustable Wrench                                 8"/200mm 
Electrical Tape                                                          25MM


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