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Launch X-431 PAD 3 Diagnostic Scan Tool 12/24V

Launch X-431 PAD III Remote Diagnostic Scan Tool Tablet

X-431 PAD III inherits Launch's many advantages in car fault diagnostic technologies, including large car model coverage, powerful functions, a large number of special functions, and accurate test data. Car fault diagnosis can be implemented for all car models and systems by connecting the car diagnosis connector to mobile intelligent terminals via Bluetooth. In addition, X-431 PAD III supports extension module applications for oscilloscopes, sensors, endoscopes, multimeters, and battery detection.

Turn your Launch X-431 Pad 3 into a powerful 12V and 24V diagnostic tool with the Launch HD Module.  Click to view * Required for 24V diagnostics 

X-431 PAD III hardware configurations are supereminent among similar products: 8 core 2GHz CPU; 2G RAM, 64G memory; 10.1 inch IPS high definition capacitive screen; machine passed the IP65 test.


Same functionality but slightly better specs than the Launch X-431 AUSCAN 3

Featuring an open Android™ operating system for a true tablet experience, install third-party apps and software
Featuring Tech to Tech Live Remote Diagnostics
Support Capability 8 Core Processor
Bluetooth VCI with high-performance data refresh
Auto-ID is available on all vehicle systems and modules
Graphs Live Data Stream
10.1 High-Resolution Capacitive Screen
Dual Charging Indicator
High-resolution camera with still and video capabilities (Front and Rear Camera)
OE-Level access to Asian, European, and Domestic applications for module coding, resets, relearns, and bi-directional capabilities
Exotic Vehicle coverage is available
Featuring larger Memory and storage space: 2 GB RAM + 64 GB ROM
10.1″ High-resolution capacitive touch screen
Now Featuring a back Kickstand for lightweight and functional support
2 years free of weekly one Click WI-FI Updates

Australian Software for Ford & Holden 

Service Functions

Read and clear all trouble  codes
● Support data stream and actuation test/component testing
● ECU/ECM programming
● Battery registration
● Injector coding
● KEY coding 
● Immobilizer trouble code reading.
● Service light reset 
● Support A.B.S(anti-lock brake) function
● Support E.P.S(Electric Power Steering) function
● Support Airbag function
● Steering angle sensor reset
● Support car A.C ( air conditioning system)
● Support ECM/PCM reset
● Support Automatic Transmission function
● Support B.C.M(Body Control Module) including seat belt, Central locking,  Light
● Support adaptation for almost all car
● Scan radio system
● Online Coding Available for Euro car brands
●Special Functions
Support 15 special functions including Oil Reset, Throttle Adaptation, Steering Angle Reset, Electrical Parking Brake Reset, Tire Pressure
Reset, Anti-theft Matching, ABS Blake Bleeding, Battery Matching, Gear Learning, Injector programming, DPF Reset, Sunroof Initialization,
Headlamp Matching, Suspension Matching and AT Matching

Add-On Modules for Launch X431 PAD III

1). Sensor box (Optional)
A sensor box is used along with x431 PAD IIl to test most sensors like MAP sensor, MAF sensor, TP sensor, Oxygen sensor, CAM sensor, Temperature sensor and many more

2). Multimeter 
An inbuilt multimeter used along with a sensor box to test the output of most of the sensors.

3). Battery Tester  Launch BST360 (Optional)
A battery box used to test 12V battery for almost all cars. The battery box is also capable of testing the alternator and starter.

4). Oscilloscope (Optional)
A device is used along with LAUNCH X431 PAD3 to test electronic circuits.

5).Video scope Launch VSP600 (Optional)

6). X-431 HD Module (Optional)
With paired with the LAUNCH X-431 HD Module, X431 PAD 3 can diagnose 24V commercial and 12V vehicles. 

7). Launch X-PROG 3 Advanced Immobiliser and Key Programmer

Heavy Duty Vehicles (Optional add on):

Software Coverage:

1. Nissan (Diesel)

2. Mitsubishi (Diesel)

3. USA Ford Diesel, Kenworth

4. Astra, Benz Heavy Duty,  Bosch Diesel, China Heavy Duty, Cummins Heavy Duty, DAF, Delphi Diesel

5. Denso Diesel, FAW Liberation, Foton Auman, FUSO, Hino, Hyundai Heavy Duty, Isuzu Heavy Duty

6. Iveco Heavy Duty, JAC Heavy Duty, Mack , MAN , OBD Heavy Duty, Scania, Shangchai Diesel, Volvo Heavy Duty

7. WP Diesel, Airbus, Allison Transmission Box, Ashok Rejlander, Bendix ABS, Caterpillar Heavy Duty

8. Weichai Heavy Vehicle, Chaoyang Diesel, Construction Machinery, CREDO Heavy Vehicle, Detroit Engine

9. Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle, Dongfeng Yufeng, Doosan Engine, Freightliner Heavy Duty Truck

10. Full Diesel Diagnosis Software, Haldex ABS Heavy Duty, HD_ABS System, HD_GoldenDragon, HD_International

11. HD_Kinglong, HD_Maxxforce, HD_Tata, HD_Western_Star, Heavy Truck Presentation Software

12. IRISBUS HD, IRIZAR HD, NEOPLAN HD, Peter HD, Renault HD, SETRA HD, Stannic Bavin, Sterling HD

13. Sunlong Bus, Sunwin Bus, UD Trucks 2F Nissan Diesel, WABCO ABS, Yang Chai Engine



  • 1 x Diagnostic connector
  • 1 x Micro USB cable
  • 1 x Cigarette lighter cable
  • 1 x 5V DC out power adaptor
  • 1 x HDMI cable
  • 1 x Battery clamps cable
  • 1 x OBD II extension cable
  • 1 x Non-16pin connector converting cable
  • 1 x Password envelope
  • 1 x Non-16pin connector set


  • 10.1" IPS screen, 1920x1200 high-resolution
  • Multi-point touch screen
  • Android 6.0 system
  • Cover more than 76 makes*
  • Realtime remote diagnosis function via WiFi
  • One-click software update
  • Multi-functional charging dock
  • 15000mAh battery
  • Extension optional modules: Heavy Duty box, Endoscope, Sensor box, Multimeter, Battery tester, Scope Box


  • Display screen: 10.1" IPS screen, 1920 x 1200
  • CPU: Eight-core, 2GHz
  • Operating system: Android 6.0
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Storage capacity: 64GB SSD
  • WLAN: Wifi (802.11 b/g/n)
  • USB: 2.0
  • Bluetooth: 2.0
  • Working temperature: -10 to 55°C
  • Storage humidity 20-90%
  • Storage temperature: -20 to 70°C
  • Camera: Front 2MP, rear 8MP, AF with a flashlight
  • Battery: 15000mAh lithium-polymer battery
  • Audio input/output: Microphone, Speakers, 3.5mm stereo headset jack
  • video output: HDMI

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Geoff H

I am impressed with the customer service and support from Premium Diagnostics. Also loving the scan tool for the shop. Good work