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Launch CNC-603A Fuel Injector Tester + Cleaner ON/OFF Car

CNC-603A is an Ultrasonic Automotive Injector Cleaner & Tester from LAUNCH. The CNC-603A Combines ultrasonic cleaning technology with microprocessor hydraulic control cleaning detection technology, CNC-603A can clean and inspect the car fuel injectors and fuel supply system.

Main Functions:

  1. Uniformity / Sprayability Test: Detect the uniformity of fuel injection quantity and monitor injector spray status with precision using the backlight feature. It also allows for backflushing of injectors.
  2. Leakage Test: Thoroughly examine injector leakage and dribbling conditions under system pressure.
  3. Injecting Flow Test: Accurately measure the amount of fuel injected by each injector within 15 seconds.
  4. Auto Test: Simulate injector tests under various working conditions by adjusting specific parameters.
  5. Ultrasonic Cleaning: Employ the power of ultrasonic technology to perform simultaneous carbon deposit removal on multiple injectors, ensuring a thorough cleaning process.
  6. On-Vehicle Cleaning: Simplify maintenance and cleaning procedures with a range of disassembly-free cleaning connectors designed to accommodate various vehicle models.
  7. Language Selection: Choose from a variety of supported languages to enhance user convenience.
  8. Version Information: Easily access software version information for the current device.

Main Features:

  1. Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology: Benefit from the superior cleaning ability offered by the CNC-603A, thanks to its advanced ultrasonic cleaning technology.
  2. Fuel Pressure Adjustment and Control: The product incorporates microcomputer-controlled fuel pressure adjustment and control, ensuring stable fuel pressure within a wide adjustable range. Compatible with a variety of petrol injection systems, this device is perfect for a range of vehicles.
  3. Automated Cleaning and Testing: Enjoy the convenience of automated cleaning and testing processes, made possible by the integration of microcomputer automatic control and digital display technologies. Monitor key parameters in real-time as the device efficiently carries out its tasks.
  4. Automatic Fuel Drain: With the automatic fuel drain control technology, the CNC-603A allows for easy and efficient fuel drainage during specific tests. Initiate fuel drainage using the dedicated [Drain] button on the control panel while the device is running or in a stopped state.

Cleaning and Testing Sequences: For optimal results, follow these recommended steps in the order provided:

  1. Ultrasonic Cleaning
  2. Uniformity / Sprayability Test
  3. Leakage Test
  4. Injecting Flow Test
  5. Auto. Test

Cleanup after Operation: After completing the cleaning and testing procedures, ensure a thorough cleanup by following these steps:

  1. Press the [Drain] button on the control panel to drain the test solution into a fuel container.
  2. Turn off the power switch and unplug the power plug.
  3. Empty the ultrasonic cleaning pool, wiping it clean with a soft, dry cloth.
  4. Wipe the machine's tabletop with a soft, dry cloth.
  5. Properly dispose of the test solution from the fuel tank, adhering to relevant regulations. If reusable, store it in a safe place.

Invest in the CNC-603A Injector Cleaner & Tester for unparalleled performance and ease of use. Maintain the efficiency and reliability of your fuel injection system effortlessly with this advanced device.


Other Features:

1. Durable and reliable design.

2. 2 in 1 layout for more space saving, the ultrasonic bath can be separated from the device

3. Glass tubes are resistant to high and low temperature

4. User-friendly design of the fuel intakes and drain pipes for convenient filling and discharge

5. The seamless design of the machine is oil resistant

6. Apply the ultrasonic cleaning technology, supports on-vehicle cleaning

7. Variety test includes uniformity and atomization detection, sealing test, fuel injection quantity detection, automatic cleaning detection

8. Automatic injector cleaning inspection

9. Automatic control of cleaning and detection process

10. Support both automatic and manual fuel draining






  • Power supply: AC220V±10%, 50Hz;
  • Input power: 300W;
  • Ultrasonic cleaner power: 100W;
  • Simulated RPM range: 10~9990rpm (step length: 10rpm)
  • Time range: 1~9999s;
  • Pulse width: 0.5~25ms (step length 0.1 ms)
  • Environment Temperature: 0℃~45℃
  • Relative Humidity: 85%
  • Strength of External Magnetic Field: 400A/m
  • Operating Volume: 3000ml
  • Dimensions: 396mm×380mm×446mm;
  • Weight: About 16.5kg


Packing List

1 x CNC603A

1 x User manual


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