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PDE Cylinder Leak Down Tester / Compression Leak Detector - Petrol Engines

Cylinder leak down tester for petrol engines 
  • Simplifies carrying out leak down tests
  • Used to identify and detect a number of engine faults including worn piston rings, worn valves, cracks in cylinder walls and blown head gaskets
  • Gauges show the percentage of cylinder leakage and cylinder pressure
  • Rubber boot on dual gauges to protect against shock impact breakage and cracking
  • suitable for use on most petrol engines
  • ideal for testing late model cars where clearance is minimal
  •  equipped with a 2-1/2" input pressure gauge for proper leakage test setup and accurate results.



12mm and 14mm spark plug and adapters 
pressure gauge cylinder leak gauge
air regulator
hoses, carrying case



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