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Break Out Box Diagnostic OBD2 Port Voltage Test & CAN Protocol Detector 12V

This 12V OBD Break out Box can help you detect the OBD protocol of the vehicle you are testing and conduct a safety check on the 16 Pin OBD2 port prior to connecting your diagnostic scan tool or flashing an ECU to the vehicle.

It checks power, ground and CAN Bus signal quality and alerts you of any abnormality of voltage while diagnosing, programming or coding. This will prevent potential damage while using your diagnostic scan tool or while chip tuning. Using an OBD Breakout Box can help you do diagnostics quicker, safer and smarter. An absolute must-have for anyone using a diagnostic scan tool on a regular basis or anyone doing vehicle chip tuning

Main Features

  • Monitors OBD interface voltage and ground with low voltage alert before using a diagnostic scanner, oscilloscope or ECU flashing tool.
  • Detects vehicle's OBD protocol and data communication during diagnosis, programming and tuning. 
  • Coloured LED lights display when a protocol is detected, grounds and voltage.
  • Can be used with memory-saving power while replacing car's battery to ensure the vehicle's data is not lost

Package Includes

  • BreakOut Box Tool
  • OBD pin Cable
  • CD disc


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