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Bosch Mini Screwdriver & Ratchet Set 26pc

Bosch 26-Piece Screwdriver Bit and Ratchet Set with Colour Coding

This super handy high-quality set includes durable, colour-coded screwdriver bits, standard sockets, and a ratchet, perfect for a variety of screwdriving and assembly tasks.

  • Durable Bits: Designed for 5 types of screw heads in 20 common sizes, ensuring you have the right bit for any job.
  • Color-Coded for Convenience: Each bit is colour-coded for immediate visibility, making it easy to identify the right bit quickly.
  • Secure and Fast Bit Changes: The universal adapter features a locking and quick-change function, ensuring a secure grip and quick bit changes.
  • Magnetic Adapter: Integrated magnets in the adapter provide a reliable hold on screws.
  • Compact Ratchet: Allows for easy fixings without the need for power tools.
  • Practical Storage: Bits are neatly organised in a handy multi-compartment box for easy access and storage.

Set Contents:

  • 19 Color-Coded Screwdriver Bits:
    • Length: 25 mm
    • Types: PH 1/2/2/3, PZ 1/2/3, S 4/5/6, T 10/15/20/25/30, HEX 3/4/5/6
  • 5 Nut Drivers:
    • Sizes: 6/7/8/10/13 mm
  • 1 Ratchet:
    • Functions: Clockwise/Counterclockwise
  • 1 Magnetic Quick-Change Universal Holder
  • 1 Nut Driver Adapter

Additional Details:

  • Dimensions: 120 x 89 x 33 mm
  • Packaging: Durable plastic case

This Bosch set is a reliable companion for all your screwdriving needs, neatly packaged in a practical storage box. 


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