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AutoStop Brake Pedal Effort Sensor


The AutoStop® Pedal Effort is a portable, battery-powered, in-vehicle pedal effort sensor for monitoring pedal force. 

Measures the force exerted on the brake pedal during brake tests. The pedal mounts quickly and easily using stainless steel clips. The sensor can be used with the WorkshopPro 10 or with other Bluetooth-enabled devices using our custom software. Pedal force measurements are independent of the angle of the activation force.

The AutoStop® Pedal Effort is used in conjunction with the AutoTest® WorkshopPro 10 and cannot be used as a stand-alone item.


  • Installed in seconds
  • Accurate and easy to use with a simple two-button operation
  • Measures peak pedal force
  • Records pedal effort versus time
  • Internet support for diagnostics and calibration
  • Automatic start function
  • Automatic shut-off to preserve battery life
  • Calibration is internationally traceable through NATA
  • Interval of calibration as determined by the relevant local authority (12-Month)
  • Suitable for use with brake tests and for normal driving
  • Interfaces AutoTest Workshop Pro 10 allows brake tests with pedal effort
  • Suitable for use with roller brake testers
  • Required in NSW for brake testing requirements



  • Input:
    • Load cell: accuracy ±2%
  • Output:
    • Peak pedal effort
  • Power Source:
    • Four AA batteries
  • Temperature Range:
    • -5ºC - 50ºC
  • Humidity:
    • 25% - 85%, non condensing
  • Weight:
    • 500g
  • Dimensions:
    • 90 x 145 x 32mm

Additional Information:


- 1 Year warranty

- Lifetime technical support

- Fast and free shipment

- 30 Day money-back guarantee