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AutoTest BAMbino Bearing Acoustics Monitor


BAMbino is the world’s first portable Bearing Acoustic Monitor that provides accurate, easy, and early detection of faulty idler bearings. BAMbino is a handheld portable instrument that extracts bearing fault signatures measured from a distance of 0.1m to 3m away from the belt. A visual and audible alarm gives early notice of bearing damage, allowing forward planning of cost-effective maintenance.

Failure of conveyor systems is a significant problem in the mining industry, causing extended downtime, lost productivity, and increased risk of fire.
The most common cause of conveyor failure (and belt damage) is bearing seizure in the idlers supporting the belt.

Inspectors currently use subjective assessment, without scientific evidence, to detect faulty bearings. This highly unreliable and subjective method only detects bearings in the late stage of fragmentation, resulting in costly unscheduled maintenance.

  • Fast and effective tool for predictive maintenance.
  • Easy to use.
  • Simple button operation via tactile membrane keypad with LCD display.
  • Hand – held (230x95x50mm).
  • Lightweight (less than 1kg).
  • Screens out extraneous sources of noise, therefore usable in highly reverberant underground tunnels.
  • Pre – programmable for up to 16 belt sections.
  • Robust construction.
  • Visual and audible alarm.
  • User programmable.
  • Threshold settings.
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • 12-month warranty.


Additional Information:


BAMbino won an Award of Excellence in Research from the Australian Coal Association in 1996, and two Engineers Australia, Engineering Excellence Awards in 1999; the national engineering excellence award for research and development, and the award for innovation



Measurement method Sound pressure
Frequency range (3dB point) 80Hz to 5kHz
Dynamic range 72dB
Max sound pressure level 110dB
Maximum measurement distance 3.0m
Directionality Uni directional
Operating modes Monitoring and diagnosis
Response time 1.0s in Monitoring Mode, Approx. 3km/h
Gain Auto-ranging
Alarm Flashing LED, Audible Tone
Displayed parameters Bearing O.K./Faulty (All limits are variable by software command)
Applicability* Pre – programmed for common bearing types of Power
Supply In – built rechargeable batteries (“Battery Too Low” indicated in display, automatic power – off below 2.2V)
Operating time 16 hours continuous
IP Rating IP55
Microphone 7.5mm electret, frequency range 50Hz − 15kHz
Display Backlit 240 x 160 graphics
Keypad 40 keys tactile membrane keypad
Weight 480g
Physical dimensions 260 x 120 x 50mm
Temperature range 0º − 45ºC
Humidity range 20% − 90%



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