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AUTOOL LM110 Digital Manifold Meter Air Conditioner Refrigerant Leak Tester HVAC Vacuum

AUTOOL LM110 Digital Manifold HVAC Vacuum Pressure Temp Car Air Conditioning Tester

AUTOOL LM110 Digital Refrigeration Manifold Gauge is the auxiliary equipment for the installation, testing, and maintenance of refrigeration equipment, which can be applied to different scenario operations. (e.g. air conditioners and cold storage). It mainly has three major functions, Refrigerant Filling & Testing, Vacuuming Operation & Testing Leak, and Testing of Refrigeration System Pressure, which can be more convenient to meet different needs. It is designed with a viewable window and supports a digital display, which can display the current pressure of the refrigeration system, the leakage pressure, and the detection time in real-time, allowing a more intuitive diagnosis of the leakage situation.


1. Refrigerant Filling & Testing: Based on the type of refrigerant settings, the pressure test, evaporation temperature test, and condensation temperature test can be performed at the same time while filling the refrigerant.

2. Vacuuming Operation & Testing: AUTOOL LM110 Digital Refrigeration Manifold Gauge can be used for vacuuming refrigeration systems, as well as real-time display of current vacuum pressure and percentage of the vacuum level.

3. Leak Testing of Pressure: Used for real-time detecting of pressure leaks in the refrigeration system as well as displaying the original pressure, current pressure, leak pressure, and testing time.

4. Multiple Units Switchable & Widely Applicable: The AUTOOL LM110 comes with various pressure and temperature units, which can be easily switched as required. With its practical functions, which is available to work for automotive air conditioning systems, household air conditioning, cold storage, and refrigeration equipment.

5. Three Years Warranty


1. Please follow the requirements of the instruction manual or operate under the guidance of professional personnel.
2. The digital pressure gauge should be kept with a clean interface and the display should be bright and clear so that the data on the display is clearly visible. Use a weak alkaline cleaner or soapy water to clean the housing and connectors.
3. Pressure gauges are perishable goods that require periodic inspection to ensure they are secure and connected.
4. Avoid dropping the tool.
5. After use, please turn off all buttons to prolong life.
6. Please plug the connector protection in when not in use to prevent access to unknown objects, and clean and Replace the refrigerant tube regularly.


EC/EN61010-1 safety standards for design and production.

1) The pressure measured by the digital manifold pressure tester is gauge pressure.

2) Pressure testing ranges from -101Kpa to 6Mpa (-0.1bar to 60bar)

3) The limit pressure is 10 Mpa (100 bar)

4) The maximum operating pressure of the standard hose is 600 PSI ( approximate 4.13 Mpa, 41.3 bar )

The limit pressure is 3000 PSI approximate 20.68 Mpa, 206.8 bar )

5) Please confirm the rated pressure value of the tested equipment before testing.

Do not use it if it exceeds the range of the instrument. Also for DY517A, if the packed hoses do not match the pressure requirement, you can use suitable replacements for testing.

6) Do not use and store the instrument in high temperature, high humidity, flammable, explosive and strong electromagnetic fields.

7) Please do not tamper with the instrument's internal circuit, to avoid any damage to the instrument.

8) Please wear qualified protective safety equipment to protect the user during testing.

9) Please use the instrument in a well-ventilated environment to prevent inhalation of toxic gases.



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