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AUTOOL CT150 Ultrasonic Fuel Injector Tester + Cleaner (Petrol)

AUTOOL CT150 Ultrasonic Fuel Injector Tester + Cleaner 4 Cylinders Petrol 12/24V

Features & Details


  • Integrated control panel along with LED display. 
  • Glass tubes & pressure meter- The Autool CT150 fuel injector tester and cleaner has 4 glass display tubes and a pressure meter for easy operation
  • Durable oil feed tube The high strength oil feed pipe features corrosion protection equipped with a high-quality SIEMENS pump
  • Ultrasonic cleaning trough There is a built-in ultrasonic cleaning trough in the fuel injector cleaner. To clean injectors and remove the carbon deposits on the injectors
  • Supports 99% of 4-cylinder petrol cars and motorcycles
  • Supports Injector flow test, spray pattern, and injector leakage test


Autool CT150 Car Fuel Injector Tester Cleaner how to use:

1. Clean the injector's outside surface with cleaning liquid before opening the machine. Putting injectors in the ultrasonic bathtub after the outside of the injectors are free of dirt. The cleaning fluid does not compromise the connection port of the pulse line.

2. Turn on the ultrasonic system allowing the ultrasonic energy to dislodge any carbon and particles build-up inside the injectors. After cleaning, the remaining cleaning fluid can be recycled.

3. Clean injectors in the main machine, testing injectors for resistance, shorts, and current draw. The test liquid can be added to half of the glass tube.

4. Perform the leakage test, spray pattern, and flow rate testing on the flow bench. The injectors are now returned to the flow bench for retesting of all functions.


To watch a demonstration of the AUTOOL CT150 watch here 



  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 2000 ml
  • The capacity of the Measuring Cylinder: 140 ml
  • Speed Range: 0~7500 rpm
  • Injecting Times: 0~9900 Step: 100ms
  • PWM Pulse: 0~20.0 ms Step: 0.1 ms
  • System Pressure: 0~0.6Mpa (adjustable)
  • Time: 0~20 minutes (adjustable)
  • Power of Ultrasonic Cleaning: 70W
  • Frequency of Ultrasonic Cleaning: 28 KHZ±0.5 kHz

Package Content

  • 1 x CT150 Auto Fuel Injector Cleaner & Tester
  • Package includes:

    1pcs * AUTOOL CT150 Fuel Injector Cleaner Tester Main Unit;
    1pcs * Oil Separator;
    1pcs * Funnel;
    2pcs * Pulse Signal Cable;
    1pcs * Cleaning Fluid Drain Valve;
    2pcs * Fixing Bolt;
    4pcs * 14mm Cleaning Connector;
    4pcs * 17mm Cleaning Connector;
    4pcs * Washer; 3pcs * Plug;
    4pcs * Sealing Ring;
    1pcs * Ultrasonic Cleaning Cover;
    1pcs * Ultrasonic Cleaning Bracket;
    1pcs * Power Cable;
    1pcs * CT150 User Manual.


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