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Allosun Car Cylinder Stethoscope Leak Detector EM410

The EM410 Car Cylinder Stethoscope stands out as a high-performance maintenance tool designed for efficient machine noise detection. Utilising this device enables the easy identification of early hidden issues in machinery, allowing for timely servicing to ensure optimal operation and prevent any potential damage and economic loss.

This Stethoscope incorporates an IC circuit and transistor, offering a compact and lightweight design for user convenience. Its simplicity and effectiveness make it an invaluable tool for maintenance professionals.

Equipped with a high-sensitivity probe, the Car Cylinder Stethoscope allows users to pinpoint the source of specific machine noises. It can detect a variety of sounds, including valve quivers, tappet tremolos, loose piston sounds, gear or pump tremolos, and relay solenoid sounds. Additionally, it serves as a versatile tool for assessing the flow or blockage of liquids in pipes and evaluating the operational status of various motors, internal-combustion engines, diesel engines, household appliances, automatic assembly lines, and more.

Product Uses:

  • Rapidly detect the machine noise from a diesel engunes, an air cylinder or an automobile, and exactly find out the malfunction position.
  • Identify the abnormal noise from an engine or a motor to avoid accident.
  • Monitor the automatic assembly line to ensure proper operation.
  • Used in chemical industry to check whether the liquid in a pipe is flowing or blocked.
  • Detect abnormal noise in all kinds of boilers or reaction containers.
  • Monitor the working of all kinds of axletress.
  • Monitor the working of a ship.
  • Used in the maintenance of various vehicles.
  • Used in the maintenance of various household appliances.



  1. Slide out the battery cover, insert a 9V (6F22) battery, and then reattach the cover securely.
  2. Based on the specific circumstances, choose and affix either the long probe or the short probe.
  3. Wear the earphones and connect the plug to the designated earphone jack.
  4. Rotate the Volume/Power Switch to power on the stethoscope, and observe the Signal LED illuminating to confirm the unit is operational.
  5. Fine-tune the Volume/Power Switch; a buzzing sound will confirm the stethoscope's functionality.
  6. Gently touch the probe with your hand to hear a response sound through the earphones, signaling the commencement of the detection process.
  7. Adjust the Volume/Power Switch for your preferred volume. Place the probe at desired positions on the object you're inspecting, noting changes in the earphone sound. Eventually, pinpoint the source of a specific noise. Utilising experience and relevant knowledge, identify early hidden issues or malfunction locations.
  8. Typically, a short probe suffices; however, if needed, the long probe can be used.


  • Frequency Range: 100Hz-10kkHz
  • Input Impedance: >15MΩ
  • Ambient Noise Permitted: 100dB
  • Working Temperature: -10℃~55℃
  • Power Supply: 9V(6F22) battery
  • Size: 32mm * 50mm * 206mm


Packing List:

  • 1 x Car Cylinder Stetoscope
  • 1 X Earpohone
  • 1 X Bag
  • 1 X Instruction
  • 1 X Short Probe
  • 1 X Long Probe


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