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Quicklynks T71 Heavy Duty Truck 24v Diagnostic Scan Tool

Quicklynks T71 24V OBD2 heavy truck scan tool is used to troubleshoot problems with 24v Trucks

Supports heavy trucks with J1939/J1587/1708 protocols


Features and Benefits :

1. Vehicle coverage: the vehicles in compliance with J1939/J1587/1708 protocols  

2. Supports data stream or live engine data.
3. Displays the vehicle's sensor's status information.
4. Reads trouble codes
5. Erases trouble codes and resets check engine lights.
6. Displays I/M readiness status.
7. Double sets of DLC supports more vehicles.
8. Determines the malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) status.
9. Identifies and displays Pending Codes.
10. Retrieves VIN(Vehicle Identification No.)
11.Displays total # of codes retrieved;
12. Code definitions displayed on the unit screen;
13. Unit upgradeable via flash programming;
14. Easy to use with friendly menu interface;
15.Large, easy-to-read colorful 2.8’’ LCD display with adjustable contrast;
16. Multilingual

17. 12 Month warranty


- 1 Year warranty

- Lifetime technical support

- Fast and Free shipment

-30 Day money-back guarantee



Specifications :

Display backlit 2.8" LCD color-screen display with contrast adjustment
Operating  Temperarture 0 to 50C(32 TO 122f)
Storage temperature -20 to 70C(-4 to 158F)
Power 8 to16 volts provided via vehicle battery
Dimensions 205mm (8.1")(length )*85mm(3.4")(width)*25mm(0.64")(height)
Weight 400g(0.88IB)
Accessories User's manual,CDS, USB Cable,6pin ,9pin ,16pin DLC