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Tyre Pressure Monitoring System 4x External Sensors Cigarette Lighter LCD Display

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System -  Cigarette lighter/auxilary port LCD Display 4x sensors 


  • The monitor supports visual and audible warnings, displays Bar/Psi pressure, ℃/℉ temperature unit for selection, clearly showing exact readings at day and night. The default alarm pressure is: 2 Bar/3 Bar(29 Psi/44 Psi) and can be customized by 2 buttons
  • Wireless TPMS real-time monitors the pressure and temperature of the tyres and battery voltage with the digital LCD screen, helping you monitor the vehicle from various aspects. Inbuilt 1.5 A charging port is suitable for charging your devices on the go.
  • Easy DIY installation within 15 minutes, there is no risk to destroy tyres or valves. Great device with anti-theft, waterproof and dustproof external sensors for old cars. One replaceable CR1632 battery could last up to 2 years
  • First use, install 4 sensors then turn on the monitor. When the car runs for about 2 minutes, the monitor can receive the data from the sensors. Since the monitor has no battery so it should be connected to the auxiliary port (cigarette lighter) when you use it
  • When putting the monitor in a power outlet that turns off with the engine, the monitor would save its last readings. The tyre pressure data would update after a few seconds as you start the car, no need to drive. The system will work even if the car is not in motion

The Tyre Pressure Monitoring System monitors tyre dynamic pressure, which helps you avoid tyre punctures and leakage, save fuel, reduce tyre wear and increase traffic safety.

Please note:
1. Available for 4 tyres - suitable for cars and 4wds. Tyre pressure range is 0 to 50.75 PSI up to 19 ft(6 meters).
Sensor signal distance: The normal distance is 10-16 ft(3-5 meters). Beyond 10 meters (33 ft), the signal would not be clear.

1. Default alarm value: 29 Psi-43.5 Psi/ 2 Bar-3 Bar. The high alarm value could be customized between 1.1 Bar-3.5 Bar /15.95 Psi-50.75 Psi. Pressure Sensitivity: +/-0.1 Bar (1.5 Psi)
2. Temperature monitoring:-40 ℃-+130℃. Only alerts if the temp is higher than the default value 70℃(158℉). The temp alarm value also can be customized between 60℃-90℃(140℉-194℉).


Watch our video on how to install and set up this TPMS unit click here

7 Steps for DIY Sensors Installation:
1. Plug the monitor into cigarette lighter port, turn on the monitor
2. Unscrew the tyre valve caps
3. Screw in the hexagon lock nut
4. Insert and tighten the new sensor as the valve cap
5. Tighten up the hexagon nut to the sensor following the reverse direction with a spanner

6. Drive the vehicle for 5-10 minutes to pair sensors 

7. Set up your parameters as required

Note. You Need to remove the sensor and nut whenever you want to add or deflate air

Package Contains:
1 x Tyre Pressure Monitor Unit
4 x Tyre Pressure Sensors
1 x Opener End Wrench
1 x Hexagon nut wrench
4 x Hexagon nut
1 x Silica gel ring
1 x English instruction manual


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Tyre Pressure Monitoring Sensors

Absolutely brilliant, everything that the buyer says is true. Exact pressure at a glance and looks good too. Best purchase ever. AAA+++

Mark J.
Works well

Works well, nice clear screen. Shame Mazda decided to put 12v sockets in their cars that stay on without the key...........have to unplug it after every trip.


A little hard to set up,but a great little unit.
Fitting into the cigarette plug a bonus for me,as not in the direct Sun and no batteries to charge.That’s great.

Greg Reynolds
I love it

The video was easy to watch and set up cheers

Jack Blanch

Impressive little device