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Topdon ArtiDiag Pro Professional Scan Tool

The Topdon ArtiDiag Pro is a Bi-directional scan tool offering 31 special functions covering over 100 makes of vehicles.


The ArtiDiag Pro was made for versatility. The Bi-Directional control feature helps users locate and resolve vehicle faults easier and faster.

It supports ECU coding for customers who need to perform coding work in the car. The AutoVIN feature can automatically identify key vehicle information to save time and diagnose and repair vehicles easier. A comparative data display can show up to 4 data streams on a single interface, allowing users to evaluate performance with comparative data and make accurate, efficient decisions.


Topdon - Easy, Fast, and Powerful

- All Available System Diagnostics: This diagnostic scanner covers 100+ car brands worldwide to diagnose all systems such as Engine, Transmission, Airbag, ABS, ESP, TPMS, BCM, Immobilizer, Gateway, Steering, Radio, Air Conditioning, and more. Retrieve ECU Information; Read/Clear DTCs; Display Live Data Stream.

- 31+ Maintenance Services: for most modern cars, the car brand coverage is always being updated

- One-Touch AutoVIN Technology: automatically identify the vehicle, and match the proper diagnostic software to run fast and precise car diagnostics.

- One-Touch Software Update via Wi-Fi: to cover the most recent car makes and models.

-Print and share diagnostic reports 

- Feedback Function: for timely online technical assistance.

- Remote support: for Premium Diagnostics customers only 

- Repair Info: check car coverage list, training videos, and detailed DTCs explanations.

- Graphic Live Data Stream can be merged for easier comparison.

- 2 Years Free Software Updates.

- Bi-directional Control activate or test car components on demand. Test vehicle-specific subsystems and component parts that drive the actuators to perform a specific function.
This determines the integrity of the system or parts, allowing users to analyze and locate the faults more accurately. Works on lights, door locks, fuel injectors, fuel pumps, coolant pumps, windows, windshield wipers, EVAP and more.

-ECU Coding: compatible with models including VW, AUDI, SKODA, SEAT, and more, to help to match and code the newly replaced control moudules, including light modules, ABS modules, and unlock hidden functions such as movement pointer and horn-sounding when locking/unlocking the car.

This scan tool’s menu varies by vehicle’s make, model, and year as every car has different modules available.


Special Functions Covered:

1. Oil Light Reset 

2. Steering Angle Reset 

3. Injector Coding 

4. IMMO Service: Disable any lost keys and add new keys. *ONLY for cars with basic IMMO systems. If you need key programming, see T-Ninja1000 or the Autel IM508

5. DPF Regeneration

6. EGR Adaption

7. ABS Bleeding

8. AdBlue Reset: 

9. Throttle Matching 

10. TPMS Reset

11. EPB Reset 

12. Tyre Reset

13. AFS Headlamp Reset

14. Sunroof Initialization

15. Battery Reset 

16. Seat Calibration

17. Airbag Reset

18. A/F Reset

19. Gearbox Reset

20. Transport Mode

21. Windows Calibration

22. Language Change

23. Suspension Reset

24. ODO Reset

25. NOx Sensor Reset

26. Stop/Start Reset

27. Coolant Bleeding

28. Suspension Reset

29. Intelligent Cruise Control System

30. Gas Particular Filter Regeneration

31. High Voltage Battery Diagnostics


 *Please note not every function is available for every vehicle

You can check coverage against a certain vehicle here 

Or you can send us your VIN and we will check for you 



  • 7-Inch LCD, 1024 x 600 pixels

  • 4-Core Processor, 1.5 Ghz

  • 6100 mAh/3.8V

  • 2G/32G

  • Android 7.0

  • 9~18V


  • -4°F~158°F (-20°C to 70°C)

  • 32°F~122°F (0°C to 50°C)

  • 246*139.5*34 mm (9.64*4.86*1.45 inch)

  • 805 g (28.39 oz)

Multilingual Support

  • English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese


Two years free updates

One year warranty

Technical support 

Free shipping 

30 day money back guarantee 

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Works great I was easily able to diagnose the issues with our Prado