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Launch X431 V+ Heavy Duty HD3 24V Diagnostic Scan Tool for Commercial Vehicles

Launch X431 V+ for HD Tablet Heavy Duty HD3 24V Diagnostic Scan Tool

This tool works for 24V systems only

Introducing the X-431 V+ Heavy-duty Truck Diagnostic Scan Tool, a cutting-edge heavy-duty truck fault diagnostic tool developed by Launch Tech. This advanced tool utilizes the Android OS platform. With Bluetooth connectivity, it enables seamless fault diagnosis for a wide range of vehicle models and full systems.

 The X-431 V+ X431 Heavy-duty Truck Module offers extensive vehicle model coverage, powerful testing functions, and a multitude of special functions providing accurate and reliable test data.

Main Features:

  • Wireless Bluetooth Diagnosis: Conveniently connect the host machine and diagnostic connector via Bluetooth for hassle-free diagnostics.
  • Wide Vehicle Model Coverage: Supports a wide range of vehicle models, ensuring compatibility with various heavy-duty trucks, buses, earthmoving equipment, commercial vehicles, and machinery.
  • Powerful Test Functions: Equipped with comprehensive testing functions to efficiently diagnose and identify faults.
  • More Special Functions: Offers additional specialized functions to cater to specific diagnostic needs.
  • Accurate Test Data: Provides precise and reliable test data, enabling accurate fault diagnosis. 
  • Full system diagnostics, access all available systems in the vehicle, and carry out functions such as injector programming, DPF burn, Adblue system, Component learning, calibrations and special tests for multiple systems


Launch X431 HD3 Supported heavy duty vehicle list:


Launch X431 HD3 Packing List:

Launch X431 HD3 Packing List:
1 pc x Launch X431 HD3
1 pc x AC Power Adapter
1 pc x Diagnostic Cable
3 pc x Data Cables
1 pc x Cigarette Lighter Cable
1 pc x Battery Clamps Cable
1 pc x IVEO-38 Adaptor
1 pc x Hyundai-16 Adaptor
1 pc x OBD-6 Adaptor
1 pc x Benz-14 Adapter
1 pc x Volvo-8 Adapter
1 pc x Mitsubishi-12+6 Adapter
1 pc x Renault-12 Adaptor
1 pc x OBD-16 Adaptor
1 pc x Type II OBD-9 Adaptor
1 pc x CAT-9 Adaptor
1 pc x MAN-37 Adaptor
1 pc x IVECO-30 Adaptor
1 pc x MAN-12 Adaptor

Customer Reviews

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brad spiteri
awesome bit of kit

works great. havnt had any problems with it. does exactly what i need and can get me into john deere which is amazing