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Launch X431 Pro3 Apex Professional Diagnostic Scan Tool

Introducing the LAUNCH X431 PRO3 APEX Diagnostic Scan Tool, the ultimate in automotive diagnostics. With LAUNCH's extensive database, diagnosing 5 million cars monthly and generating 10 million diagnostic reports, this tool is your go-to solution for accurate diagnostics in any modern car repair shop.

1. Unleash the Power of Automotive Diagnostics: Discover the LAUNCH X431 PRO3 APEX, loaded with Android 10.0 OS and an upgraded 2.0GHz 4-core CPU for efficient multitasking. Benefit from 2.4GHz & 5GHz dual WiFi for faster data transfer, CAN FD & DoIP, and HD module for newer car checks. With a 4+64GB memory and a 6300mAh battery lasting 15+ hours, it's your reliable companion for continuous diagnostics on 30+ cars.

2. Efficiency Meets Innovation: Topology Mapping: Navigate vehicle systems seamlessly with Topology Mapping, saving time and money on repairs. Precision redefines your diagnostics, ensuring swift and accurate issue pinpointing.

3. Precision Knows No Bounds: Elite Functionality: Empower yourself with functions beyond diagnosis. The LAUNCH X431 PRO3 APEX transforms challenges into solutions, eliminating guesswork for enhanced vehicle performance.

4. Empowerment Through Knowledge: Diagnostic Services: Enjoy OE-LEVEL Full System Diagnosis, Auto VIN & Scan, and Bi-bidirectional Control. It's not just a scanner; it's your window into your vehicle's systems.

5. Maintenance Refined: A Symphony of Services: Elevate your vehicle's performance with 50+ Reset Service Maintenance, ECU Online Coding, and Initialization. It's not just about identifying problems; it's about orchestrating solutions.

6. Auto Auth for FCA/SGW: Designed for 2017 and later Chrysler/Dodge/Alfa Romeo/Jeep/Fiat vehicles, AutoAuth ensures secure OBDII diagnostics, proactive testing, and calibration.

7. DIAGNOSE HEAVY DUTY 24V TRUCKS + MACHINERY: Handle heavy-duty vehicles effortlessly with 24V diagnostic software smart link module add on. Click here to view

8. Personalization Redefined: Variant Coding and Audi/VW Firmware Protection: Shape your vehicle's personality with Variant Coding and unlock Audi/VW vehicles' potential with firmware protection cancel features.

9. Master of All: Compatibility and Hardware Advancements: Experience optimized HIGH-END Hardware Configurations, providing 32GB storage capacity, 128GB extended memory, and fixed battery life issues.

10. Unleash Your Vehicle's Potential: ECU REPLACEMENT and More: Address ECU/module replacement with expertise. Initialize, match, relearn, or code the replaced ECU/module for restored vehicle vitality.

11. Extensive Add-On Module Support: Extend functionality with modules like Videoscope, BST360 Battery Tester, TSGUN, X431 Smartlink Heavy Duty Module, X431 ADAS Mobile/ADAS PRO, X431 Printer, and more.

All Systems Diagnostics: Say goodbye to separate OE diagnostic tools. The LAUNCH X431 PRO3 APEX diagnoses all systems on 99% of vehicles, decoding intricate complexities for elevated diagnostics.

Bi-Directional Control: Communicate actively with vehicle components, troubleshoot issues without getting under the hood, and execute commands effortlessly.

ECU Coding: Guide to seamless ECU/module replacement, ensuring effective vehicle functionality.

Topology Mapping: An intelligent feature providing a panoramic view of vehicle data bus configurations for efficient issue pinpointing.

IMMO Keys: Secure your vehicle confidently with IMMO Keys, supporting key management for selected brands.

One-Click VIN Identification: Experience Smart Auto VIN technology for quick access to vehicle information and diagnostics initiation.

Additional Features: Explore game-changing CANFD Connector, VAG guide function, Auto auth for FCA/SGW, Remote Diagnostics, 12-in-1 Live Data, and more.

Professional After-Sales: Enjoy a 2-year upgrade for uninterrupted expert support.

ADAS Calibration: Collaborate with LAUNCH X431 ADAS Mobile for advanced driver-assistance systems calibration.

Component Matching: Ensure synchronization of vehicle components for optimal performance.

Cylinder Power Balance Test: Uncover engine issues with precision through the power balance test.

PMI - Programmable Module Installation: Seamless module replacement and initialization for various vehicles.

50+ Extensive Reset Functions: 

  • 1. Oil Lamp Reset Service
  • 2. EPB Reset
  • 3. BAT Battery Service (BMS) BMS Reset
  • 4. Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration
  • 5. SAS Steering Angle Sensor Reset
  • 6. IMMO Key Programming (Anti-theft Matching)
  • 7. ABS
  • 8. Fuel Injector Coding: 
  • 9. TPMS Service
  • 10. Throttle Adaptation (Idle Relearn)
  • 11. AFS Headlamp Reset
  • 12. Sunroof Initialization
  • 13. Air Suspension Reset
  • 14. Gearbox Reset
  • 15. Gear Learning
  • 16. Tire Reset
  • 17. A/F Reset
  • 18. Adblue Reset
  • 19. Coolant Bleeding
  • 20. Language Change
  • 21. Nox Sensor Reset
  • 22. Stop/Start Reset
  • 23. Seat Calibration
  • 24. Delete Transport Mode
  • 25. Windows Calibration
  • 26. AC System Relearn/Initialization
  • 27. E.GR Reset
  • 28. Reset Fuel Alcohol Level
  • 29. Reset Fuel Trim
  • 30. High Voltage Battery Diagnostics
  • 31. G.PF Regeneration
  • 32. Camshaft/Crankshaft Sensor Relearn
  • 33. Interactive Vehicle Dynamics (IVD) Initialization Sequence
  • 34. Fuel Economy Test
  • 35. Halt/Resume Transmission Adaptive Learning
  • 36. Passive Anti Theft System (PATS) Functions
  • 37. Relearn Vehicle Data
  • 38. Initialisation Of Automatic Tailgate
  • 39. Initialise Power Window Regulators
  • 40. Seat Standardisation
  • 41. Normalise Slide/Tilt Sunroof
  • 42. Zero-Point Calibration
  • 43. BSI Solenoid Test
  • 44. Clutch System Learn
  • 45. VGT Relearn
  • 46. Transmission Service Fast Relearn
  • 47. SWS Initialization
  • 48. VIN Registration (Write)
  • 49. Injector Fuel Rate Programming
  • 50. Fuel Injector Balance

Comprehensive Reports: Generate detailed reports from stored data for informed repairs and share insights via email or print.

Powerful 12-in-1 Live Data: Capture real-time data streams for thorough vehicle performance analysis.

Multilingual Support: Switch between 24 languages effortlessly for a comfortable user experience.

What's in the Package: LAUNCH X431 PRO3 APEX SCAN TOOL, QUICK START GUIDE, USER MANUAL, PIN envelope, Storage Case, CLIPPER, FUSE, BT ADAPTER (DBScar-4/DS301), SWITCHING ADAPTER, AIT I OBD16 Extension Cable, USB A to Micro cable, Cigarette Lighter Line, Power Cable with Double Clamp and Australian wall plug.

Experience LAUNCH X431 PRO3 APEX—a tool that goes beyond diagnosis, bringing innovation and intuition together for the future of automotive diagnostics.

As of 17/06/2024 the Launch X431 Series tools no longer come with the OBD1 adpaters. If you need a set please see this link here

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upgrade from v+

i was happy with my v+ that i had for years. I was recommended the Pro3 apex as it is the same unit but updated. happy with the unit. fast delivery, great service