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Launch X431 O2-2 Oscilloscope 4 Channel Scopebox

Introducing the LAUNCH O2-2 Scopebox, an innovative add-on module for your Launch X431 scan tool designed for detecting high-level faults in various electrical components like sensors, actuators, and circuits. Seamlessly integrating with the X-431 series scan tools via the O2-2 application, this module enhances your scan tool's capabilities by providing precise diagnostic insights.

Key Features:

  1. Record and playback high-resolution waveform data for future analysis.
  2. One-key enable function for capturing specific waveforms, boosting efficiency by 70% compared to other scopes on the market.
  3. Access 23 automatic measurement variants displayed on a single screen for easy switching.
  4. Streamline operations with direct input of names and characters via the virtual keyboard.
  5. Zoom in/out feature for reviewing precise details.
  6. Customise personal system settings and save them as configuration files for convenient viewing.
  7. Self-calibration function optimises the oscilloscope signal path for maximum measurement accuracy.
  8. Perform advanced waveform math operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and FFT for in-depth waveform analysis.
  9. Conduct multiple automotive tests including circuits, sensors, actuators, and ignition tests.
  10. USB Sync data transfer to external devices such as laptoop, tablet, etc


  • Channels: 4
  • Bandwidth: 100MHz
  • Rising Time: 3.5ns (typical)
  • Accuracy: ±3%
  • Input Impedance: 1M ±1.5%
  • Input Type: Single-ended, BNC Connector
  • Input Coupling: DC, AC
  • Overload Protection: ±200V on single input
  • Timebase Ranges: 1ns1ks (1 Channel), 1ns1ks (2 Channels), 1ns~1ks (4 Channels)
  • Vertical Resolution: 8 bits
  • Buffer Memory: 10M (for 4 Channels)
  • Power Interface: USB port, DC IN port
  • Data Exchange Via: USB
  • Trigger Mode: Normal, Auto, and Single SEQ
  • Advanced Triggers: Edge, Pulse width

Upgrade your diagnostic capabilities with the LAUNCH O2-2 Scopebox, offering precision, efficiency, and versatility for electrical fault detection and analysis.


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