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Energizer 2000 Watts Power Inverter 12V to 230V, Modified Sine Wave Inverter

Energizer 2000 Watts Power Inverter 12V to 230V, Modified Sine Wave Car Inverter, DC to AC Converter with Dual 230 Volts AC Outlets and 2 USB Ports 2.4A ea - C-Tick Compliant


These heavy-duty dual power 12VDC to 230VAC inverters connect directly to a 12VDC battery to power hand held power tools, televisions, gaming consoles, home electronics and small appliances. The LCD shows output power or input voltage and battery level. There are also 2 x USB ports that output up to 2.4A each, enough to charge your Smartphone, Tablet and other USB devices. Electrically isolated for safety. Ultra-silent thermal fan.

 • Modified sine wave
 • 2 x 240VAC Outlets
 • LCD Display - Volt/Watt/Battery Level
 • Alligator Lead Input
 • Ultra Silent (Thermal Fan)

Input Voltage: 12V
AC Output Power: 2000W
AC Surge Power: 4000W
USB Output: 2 x 2.4A
Output Frequency: 50 ± 1Hz
Weight: 3kg
Dimensions: 379(L) x 142(W) x 69(H)mm
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