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AutoStop Mini Plus Brake Meter

AutoStop Mini Plus Brake Meter



A compact, brake performance tester that uses a multi-channel sensor to measure tri-axial deceleration of any type of vehicle, making it one of the most versatile brake testers on the market. Tests motorbikes, light vehicles & trucks (depends on state jurisdiction).

*IMPORTANT: For NSW, ACT this product is only suitable for testing Motorbikes. Purchase the Autostop Workshop Pro 10 for use in NSW and ACT.

Models Available:

  • AutoStop Mini Plus
  • AutoStop Mini Plus-GPS


  • Evaluates the performance of the brakes by measuring forward, sideways and vertical deceleration, distance to stop and lateral deviation within the lane
  • Accurate and easy to use via a simple 12-button phone keypad
  • Customer and vehicle detail entry via keypad
  • Installed in seconds anywhere in the car
  • With optional data logging and download to PC through USB interface/bluetooth
  • Bluetooth interface direct to remote printer
  • NATA traceable calibration
  • Australian Made

Technical Features:

  • Determines tri-axial deceleration, forward as well as sideways deceleration (lane change)
  • Calculates and displays MFDD (Mean Fully Developed Deceleration) in accordance with the ECE R 13
  • Simple 12 button operation via a tactile membrane pad
  • Can be installed anywhere in the vehicle
  • Self-aligning by identifying its orientation at the beginning of each test
  • Lightweight (< 500grms) and compact (90 x 200 x 35mm)
  • LCD display
  • Adjustable display control
  • Automatic start function
  • Automatic shut-off after 15 minutes to preserve battery life (over 24 hours running time)
  • Built-in integrity check
  • Built-in real time clock
  • Calibration is internationally traceable through NATA
  • Calibration interval twelve months
  • 12 months warranty
  • Internet support hotline for diagnostics
  • Comprehensive after-sales service and assistance
  • EIA USB and Bluetooth interface
  • Memory storage: Ninety tests
  • GPS or Glonass or Galileo positioning receiver, providing longitude and latitude

AutoStop Mini Plus With GPS – Additional Features:

  • Equipped with a built in GPS/Glonass receiver that will provide the latitude and longitude of the position where the test was carried out
  • Position acquisition time - 1 Min max
  • Software configurable

Optional Features:

  • Remote bluetooth printer
  • Rare Earth magnet motorbike kit
  • PC download capability and graph
  • Rubber suction cup motorbike kit


  • Input:
    • Accelerometer: accuracy ±2%
    • Resolution 0.01g, non-linearity 0.2%, transverse sensitivity 2%
  • Output:
    • 16 x 1 character LCD display
  • Power source:
    • Internal rechargeable battery
  • Temperature Range:
    • -5ºC – 50ºC
  • Humidity:
    • 25% – 85%, non-condensing 1.0 line/sec


3 Easy Testing Steps with AutoStop Mini Plus:

Attach Mini Plus to the dashboard, center console or passenger seat so that the buttons and screen are clearly visible.

Turn on Mini Plus, accelerate the vehicle to the desired test speed and apply the brakes until the vehicle is stationary.

After the vehicle has come to a stop, Mini Plus evaluates, and displays forward, sideways and vertical deceleration, distance to stop and lateral deviation within the lane.


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Steven Cooper
Quality unit

High quality brake tester very happy with it thanks guys