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AUTOOL X90 GPS Vehicle Monitoring Computer

AUTOOL X90 GPS HUD Car Inclinometer Slope Meter extends the concept of the combination of HUD vehicle head display function and vehicle slope meter, intelligent navigation instrument obtains data from the satellite through the GPS dual-channel module which has the advantages of strong search and stable signal.

Autool X90 Functions:

1 Precisely shows vehicle tilt angle with clear notification, when the angle is over 40°, alarm alerts.

2 Precisely show vehicle pitch angle changes, when the angle is over 40°the alarm alerts you.

3 After connecting to power supply, the display is backlit 

4 Elevation error within 5- 100 meters.

5 After the vehicle starts the speedometer starts automatically, after car parking the meter will be in sleep mode automatically.

6 . Over speed alarm

7 Fatigue driving alarm alerts after driving for 4 hours


1 Applicable to all Asian cars, American cars, and European cars. Plugs into your vehicles cigarette lighter port

2 Equipped with high-precision satellite GPS signal module.

3 Automatically monitor vehicle driving conditions.

4 Adjust the brightness of the screen by using the sensitivity of the light sensor.

5 Free rotation, which is more sensitive.

6 Colour LCD display with high resolution.


Simple plug and play installation. Plug into your vehicles cigarette lighter port

Multi Functions



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