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AUTOOL DM303 Digital Multimeter And Oscilloscope

The automobile diagnostic multimeter is a hand-held new diagnostic oscillometric multimeter integrating a digital oscilloscope, digital multimeter, automobile circuit, and automobile signal inspection, which is designed with embedded digital control technology.


  • 2.8-inch color screen display: screen practice can be adjusted, the data is clear and intuitive, and applicable to a variety of working environments.
  • Plastic Toolbox: The main unit and accessories are properly stored in a hard carry case, and easy to transport. The box is resistant to drops, effectively protecting the instrument.
  • Oscilloscope Function: Waveform test bandwidth of 500KHZ, using variable sampling frequency, can measure slowly changing signal, suitable for automotive maintenance to measure and observe various signal quantities on automotive circuits, including motor drive signals, motor power voltage on electric vehicles, ignition signals, camshaft signals, crankshaft signals, wheel speed sensor signals, oxygen sensor signals, etc. of fuel car engines.
  • Auto Range & Ture RMS: Simply select the mode and connect your leads. The multimeter will automatically select the appropriate measurement depending on what it detects. With True RMS, the DM303 portable multimeter provides you with clear, accurate readings whenever and wherever you need them.
  • Wiring Functions: Equipped with 8 wiring lines for different functions. They are a multi-function test line, battery clip line, ignition pulse signal test line, car circuit test line, jumper, and multimeter probe. The multi-function test line is used to test the battery voltage, test the fuel injector and relay, test the K-wire and CAN bus signal, test the car ECU, and test the car parts.
  • Multi-language: Support 12 languages, English, French, Portuguese, Polish, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Italian, German, Dutch, Korean, and Chinese.
  • 3-Year Warranty: For damage caused by non-human factors, we promise to reissue parts free of charge within 3 years.


  • Multimeter Tester: Detects 1000V DC and AC voltages, measures 200mA DC and AC current and detects Resistance and Diodes.
  • Oscilloscope Function: The handheld oscilloscope has a 500kHz bandwidth. One-button automatic display of the measured waveform.
  • Ignition Diagnostic: Select the engine cylinder type and ignition and calculate the speed of different engine cylinders.
  • Wire Instructions
  • 1Hz~1MHz Signal Frequency: The measurement needs to be connected to a valid signal source with a voltage greater than 1V.
  • Cranking Test: The vehicle start test detects that the minimum battery voltage is higher than 9.6V, for the normal state, if the minimum voltage is detected below 9.6V, then there may be battery aging.
  • Injector Test: The multimeter can drive the injector for testing, and can also detect the real-time injector signal. It can test electromagnetic injectors, including GDI injectors, but doesn’t support 120V injectors
  • Analog Signal Test: The multimeter can simulate the output of basic 5V square wave and 5Vpp sine wave signals, and can also be connected to the battery for 12V square wave signals via a multi-function detection cable
  • True-RMS Multimeter: Automatically ranging true mean squared (TRMS) technology for increased accuracy. The True-RMS Multimeter is ideal for a wide variety of electrical and electronic testing applications
  • Auto Range Function: Automatically displays the measured data, saving the tedious process of manually selecting the range of measured values

Autool DM303 Digital multimeter and oscilloscope

Package List:

  • 1 PCS Multifunctional Testing Line
  • 1 PCS Battery Clip Line
  • 1 PCS Jumper
  • 1 PCS Automotive Circuit Test Line
  • 1 PCS Ignition Signal Pulse Detection Line
  • 1 PCS Test Leads
  • 1 PCS Ignition Signal Detection Line
  • 1 Set Plastic box
  • 1 PCS User Manual
  • 1 PCS Unit AUTOOL DM303


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Customer Reviews

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Brett Martin
So far really good.

I have only had the meter a short time, and haven’t had a chance to use all of its many functions, but the ones I have used, have worked perfectly. I was a little dubious of the meter, being so cheap. But have been pleasantly surprised.