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Automotive Relay Tester

Automotive Relay Tester 

The CNBJ-707 relay tester is a quick go/no-go tester designed for automotive relays, providing a clear indication of their state of health and functionailty. It checks the proper functioning of relay contacts by connecting a car battery (11V-15V) to the relay coil. The tester evaluates the pin configuration, contact closure and opening times, and the relay's consistency during each test session. A GREEN LED indicates a passed test, while a RED LED indicates a failure.

Introduction and Operating Instructions

  1. Connecting Power:

    • Attach the power leads to the car battery (or any battery): connect the black alligator clip to the negative terminal and the red alligator clip to the positive terminal. Please note battery must be charged and healthy.
  2. Powering Up:

    • The tester is powered on when the RED LED illuminates.
  3. Relay Selection:

    • Before plugging in the relay, determine if it is a 4-pin or 5-pin relay and select the appropriate setting on the tester.
  4. Plugging in the Relay:

    • Insert the relay into one of the three receptacles on the tester.
  5. Testing the Relay:

    • Press the "TEST" button to initiate the testing process.
  6. Pin Configuration Check:

    • The tester will verify the pin configuration of the relay. If the relay configuration is not standard or the relay is damaged, the RED LED will light up.
  7. Contact Closure and Opening Test:

    • The tester will open and close the relay 10 times to measure the contact closure and opening times. If the timing exceeds acceptable limits, the RED LED will light up immediately.
  8. Consistency Check:

    • After the initial tests, the tester will check the consistency of the relay. If the relay passes all tests, the GREEN LED will light up; otherwise, the RED LED will light up.
  9. Disconnecting:

    • Disconnect the power leads from the car battery and remove the relay from the tester.


  • Ensure the car battery is a 12V battery, with a voltage range between 11V and 15V.
  • Ideal for relays with a coil resistance above 20 ohms.


  • Automotive Relay Test Tool:
    • Properly checks relay contact function by using a continuous car battery voltage (11V-15V) to the relay coil.
  • Detailed Testing:
    • Observes contact data, closure time, and relay inertia at each test stage.
  • Control:
    • Tests the proper control of relay opening and closing.
  • LED Indicators:
    • RED LED for abnormal relays, GREEN LED for normal relays.
  • Build Quality:
    • High quality, good performance, easy operation, portability, and durability.


  • Material: Plastic & Metal
  • Color: Black & Red
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Size: Approx. 13 * 7 * 3cm
  • Product Name: Automotive Relay Tester
  • Package Includes: 1 x 12V Relay Tester

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