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AutoGas 5 Gas Analyser

The Five Portable Gas Analyser measure the contents of the exhaust gas for compliance or tunning purposes. AutoGas Five Gas Analyser can be used as a stand-alone unit or integrated into a Vehicle Test Lane.

  • Capability to measure CO, HC, CO2, O2and NOXcontents of petrol, CNG, and LPG vehicle exhausts.
  • RPM measurement facility using vehicle battery,inductive pick-up, or optional accelerometer
  • Compatible with Windows-based operation
  • Complies with the OIML R99 (ISO 3930) Class 0
  • Portable, light-weight design.


The Autogas 5 is manufactured to order.

Please allow 7 days for manufacture.


Standard Features:

  • Suitable for use on Petrol, LPG, CNG and diesel engines
  • Independent 7 Segment LED display windows for CO, CO2, HC, O2 and NOX (Option available in Five Gas) .
  • Easy to follow test procedure.
  • Measures RPM through vehicle battery, spark lead or (optional accelerometer)
  • Petrol/CNG/LPG selection for HC gas measurement
  • Automatic condensation discharge • RS232, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi interface
  • Integrated thermal printer for printing.
  • Engine oil temperature measurement
  • Automatic zero calibration
  • Display of PEF/RPM/Lambda/AFR values
  • Air leak check facility
  • Stores up to 100 tests. Features for Windows based operation:
  • Photograph of vehicle number plate with unique job ID in colour printout.


Technical Specifications:

Measurement Parameters Range Resolution Accuracy
CO (Carbon Monoxide) 0 – 15.5% 0.01% 3%
CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) 0 – 21.0% 0.10% 4%
HC (Hydrocarbon) 0 – 20000 PPM 1 PPM 5%
O2 (Oxygen) 0 – 25% 0.01% 3%
NOx 0 – 5000 PPM 1 PPM
Lambda ( ) 0.200 – 2.000 0.001
AFR 0 – 30% 0.01%
Oil Temperature 0 – 120˚C 1˚C
Engine RPM 600 – 3500 RPM 10 RPM 5%
Measuring Gas Intake 3 litres/minute
Leak Test Electronic
Condensate discharge Automatic
Response time (for sample probe of three metre length) <15 sec
Warm-up time at 25˚C and above <3 minutes
Warm up time at 0˚C <10 minutes
Zeroing and RPM calibration Automatic
Electrical Specification
AC Power supply 220V to 265V AC, single phase, 50/60 Hz
DC Power supply 11V to 30V DC battery
Power consumption 25 Watt
General Specification
Operating temperature +5˚C to +45˚C
Storage temperature -20˚C to +70˚C
Overall machine dimensions,
unpacked (WxDxH)
Machine weight, unpacked 9kg


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