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Allosun Ultrasonic Leak Detector Transmitter EM2268 36KHz-44KHz

The EM2268 Ultrasonic Leak Detector uses advanced ultrasonic sensing technology, featuring a compact and lightweight design. This instrument facilitates the swift and precise detection of leaks within pressure and vacuum systems.

It is suitable for identifying cracks in pipes, valves, and performing tightness checks in sealed compartments such as vehicle cabins, refrigerators, and oil tanks. Additionally, it serves as a valuable tool for detecting electrical discharge in switches, transformers, insulators, circuit breakers, relay, and bus bars to prevent accidents.

The EM2268 is a crucial asset in workshops and for mechanics testing a diverse range of vehicles.


  • Utilises ultrasonic sensing for precise leak detection, ensuring accurate localization in pressure and vacuum systems.
  • Compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry, ideal for on-site leak detection in various environments.
  • Suitable for detecting leaks in pipes, valves, and sealed compartments, as well as electrical discharge checks.
  • Features an LED-array and headphone signal indicator for clear and audible leak detection, enhancing user experience.
  • Comes with a complete set of accessories, including probes and headphones, for a comprehensive leak detection solution.
  • It is a reliable, easy to use, practical and portable tool.


  • Signal Indicator: LED-array, headphone
  • Frequency Response: 36kHz-44kHz
  • Operating Environment:
    • Temperature: 0-50 ℃
    • Relative humidity: less than or equal to 85%
  • Battery: 9V battery, 6F22 or equivalent
  • Size:
    • Leak Detector: 215 x 50 x 30mm
    • Ultrasonic Transmitter: 103 x 60 x 24mm
  • Weight:
    • Leak Detector: about 162g (including battery)
    • Ultrasonic Transmitter: about 90g (including battery)


How It Works:

  • Turbulence created by gas or air forced through a small orifice generates ultrasonic sound.
  • Ultrasonic sound occurs when the atmosphere leaks into a vacuum vessel or when a pressure vessel leaks to the outside atmosphere.
  • Ultrasonic sound's frequency is related to the size of the orifice which ultrasonic sound passes through, but usually the frequency is about 40Hz.
  • Ultrasonic sound is very directional, this directionality is used to pinpoint the origin of the ultrasonic sound, the leak point.


Packing list:

  1. Leak detector
  2. Ultrasonic probe
  3. Ultrasonic microphone
  4. Ultrasonic TRANSMITTER
  5. Extension tube
  6. Probe tips, 70mm and 290mm
  7. Headphone (with volume adjuster)

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