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4G Portable GPS Tracker - Magnetic

Easily track your car, truck, bus, boat, cargo and more with the 4G Magnetic GPS TrackerThis car GPS tracker sends live, accurate GPS data to your phone and can be easily monitored through the FREE app.

The 4G Magnetic GPS Tracker provides a long-lasting battery life with its continuous power-saving mode. Our tracker also comes with a cable to hard wire the tracker in for ease of charging or you have the option to leave the tracker plugged in so you don't have to worry about recharging the battery.


Accurate GPS Data
The Magnetic GPS Tracker has live GPS data with an accuracy of a few metres. You’ll be able to see where your vehicle is accurately and easily in real time.

Connect to the 4G Network
By using a device that utilises the 4G mobile network, you can retrieve accurate GPS data with speed. Also using a device with 4G network means your device won’t become outdated any time soon.

Instant Tamper Alerts
Get instant notifications to your phone if someone decides to tamper with the magnetic device. Instant notifications are also sent for over-speed, movement and low battery and you can choose whether they are sent to you via SMS or the app.

Set Up Custom Geo-Fences
Within the tracking app you can set custom geo-fences. If the vehicle with the Magnetic GPS Tracker moves into or out of these areas, you’ll be instantly notified.

Free Tracking App
The 4G GPS Tracker comes with a free GPS tracking app that you have lifetime access to. Within the app, you can easily control all features and functions of the device, and be instantly sent notifications if anything happens. 


A Sim card is required for all GPS Trackers. Sim cards are not included as part of the product and will have to be purchased separately.

The device is water resistant, please do not submerge the tracker in water.

A free lifetime subscription is provided on the WINNES GPS app (TKSTAR)

Make sure your sim card for the device has: call, text and data credit.


  • Device Weight: 235g
  • Device Dimensions: 90mm x 72mm x 32mm
  • Operating Temperature: –20℃ to +55℃
  • Location Accuracy: 5 metres
  • Network: Operates on Telstra, Optus and Vodafone Networks
  • Operating Voltage: 5V DC
  • Battery: 10000 mAh, 3.7V Li-Polymer battery sim card Size: Standard Size Sim
  • Continuous Power Saving Mode: 15-20 Days, up to 60 Days


Free Web tracking software, no charge fee, login page : www.mytkstar.net

Select "Log in by IMEI" on the bottom of screen

IMEI No. : on the back side of the cover

Password: 123456

About Mobile APP Android/IOS Tracking:

Scan the QR Code to install the applications on your cell phone. Register and add an account.

Search "TKSTAR GPS" in the Apple App Store/Google Play Store or Scan the QR Code to install the application on your cell phone.


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The product will come with a one-year warranty 

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Customer Reviews

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Cameron Eades

arrived quickly and works great. I will say the notifications from the app are annoying but you can turn them off